Big Order Episode #02

Damn, now that’s what I called tentacle mind rape! Isn’t it nice to have it, but of course it’s not over yet…

…as Eiji Hoshimiya was subdued by Abraham Louis Fran, using his Order power to manipulate time. Oh, and he got Sena-chan too ’cause he’s an asshole!

Anyways, Eiji is captured and bound in a straight jacket. C’mon, he’s the most dangerous man alive!

Fortunately though, Rin Kurenai rescued him because she wants to marry Eiji-kun… so she can kill him when Hoshimiya’s guard was down.

But you know what, Rin couldn’t shoot nor stab Eiji as long as he controls this Yuno-expy character!

For example, Rin Kurenai leads Eiji to an air duct so she can shoot him indirectly. Basically, using the ricochet as a means to put him down for good.

Sadly, Rin got shot instead in the head… and she thinks that ricocheting the bullet is a great idea!

Don’t worry though as Rin Kurenai will just get up again using Rebirth Fire. Of course, she’ll fail every single time!

Now let’s move onto the next scene as it’s time for Round 2 between Abraham Louis Fran and Eiji Hoshimiya!

Too bad though as their game of chicken was interrupted by Raidou Fuwa, whose Order has the power to make peace arrangements between two individuals. That’s neat, but I feel cheated!

It turns out that they’re testing Eiji Hoshimiya out as Yoshitsune Hiiragi explained to him.

Also, Yoshitsune wants Eiji to lead Dazaifu City as Hiiragi and the Group of Ten have declared war on Japan, and eventually the rest of the world!

Yeah, the Group of Ten have offered their allegiance to Eiji Hoshimiya on his conquest. Of course, I have a feeling that they’ll backstab him in the future!

By the way, where is Eiji’s little sister Sena?

Well, Yoshitsune explained that they slowed down Sena’s fatal disease, although I have a feeling that he’s bluffing as it turns out that Sena died after this episode!

Anyways, I’ll see ya on the next episode and I hope Eiji can out-smart them should the Group of Ten betrayed him.

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