High School Fleet Episode #03

Hello everyone, it’s the third episode! Of course, the Harekaze crew can’t rest yet…

…as they must face a submarine code-named I-201, which belonged to Toumai Boys’ Marine High School!

Glad that Capt. Misaki’s crew are not steering a submarine ’cause they would get sweaty, as well as having Haifuri closely emulates The Hunt for Red October.

Now then, it’s time for get away from I-201! Luckily though, there’s an expert to that as Deputy-Captain Wilhelmina Braunschweig Ingelner Friedeburg takes center stage. You know what, let’s call her “Mi-chan” because I couldn’t remember her name!

Anyways, time to sink that submarine down and make their escape. Problem is that the Harekaze is ill-equipped as the destroyer only has one depth charge left. So much for Mi-chan’s brilliant strategy of countering the I-201!

Fortunately, Capt. Misaki got another idea as she’s good at improvisation when the going gets tough!

All she needs is to release the paravane into the sea…

…and use it to not only locate the submarine via sound, but to tangle its propellers so that the Harekaze can release a depth charge onto the I-201.

With that said, Capt. Akeno Misaki and her crew have managed to get away from submarine before Toumai High calls for reinforcements!

Now let’s go back to the Harekaze as Wilhelmina Friedeburg talks about what happened to the Admiral Graf Spee. According to the Deputy-Captain, Mi-chan discovered that the crew aren’t responding to the captain’s command, which is why the Admiral Spee went rogue and decides to kill off Deputy-Captain Friedeburg. I wonder if the captain is still alive though?

By the way, the Sarushima got the same situation as the Admiral Spee by not responding to Capt. Misaki’s pleas and decided to fire its cannons against the Harekaze. I wonder if there’s a conspiracy theory where the nations wage a war against each other?

Anyway, the Harekaze crew got some good news as Yokosuka Girls’ Marine High School decided to pull all of the ships back and make an investigation because they want to protect those girls. Of course, I wonder if the Harekaze crew is included as returning to the school port might become a trap waiting to happen?

For now, they’re returning as the Harekaze is low on supplies. Also, Mi-chan needs a room to sleep.

Fortunately, Deputy-Captain Friedeburg can share a room with Deputy-Captain Mashiro Munetani. Then again, seems that Shiro’s room is well-decorated with plushies and other cute things!

Anyways, onto the next episode for Haifuri!

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