Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress Episode #02

This is Ayame Yomogawa and while she’s worried about the citizen, Ayame-sama is so worried about her father. Sadly, the head of the Yomogawa family turned into a Kabane!

In any case, Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress has returned after a week-long delay! Now, let’s start this episode rolling as Ayame-sama witness something that would save humanity…

And that’s Mumei as her super-human abilities are put into the test against a Kabane. She succeeds on clearing most of the hoard!

However, Mumei has a time limit as she can fight for 5 minutes or fewer. That’s sucks, but it’s all worth it!

Also, you notice that Mumei has red glowing veins onto her face, but I’ll tell you later on what she really is!

Meanwhile, a certain Ikoma shows to the crowd that he’s capable of fending off a Kabane with his new weapon, as well as his newly-acquired powers after surviving the virus from going to his brain.

Unfortunately, his antics didn’t sit well with the crowd as Ikoma is branded as the enemy…

…and therefore gets shot by one of Ayame’s bodyguards. What ungrateful bastards they are, especially Kurusu when he shot Ikoma without explanation!

But don’t worry though as Ikoma got the last laugh as he uses his super strength to open up the drawbridge.

Yeah, take that you losers ’cause Ikoma sacrificed his life for your safety! It doesn’t last long though…

…as Mumei picked Ikoma up even though he was abandoned by everybody. C’mon Ikoma, at least someone cares for you!

Hell, even Takumi pulls you up to save your ass instead of being left to die!

In any case, Ikoma got aboard on the iron train, but there’s one thing you should be surprised before closing this episode.

And that’s the revelation that Mumei got bitten by a Kabane and survived by getting out the virus from her system, just like Ikoma back in Episode 1 where he got the same ordeal as Mumei.

And by the way, both Ikoma and Mumei are classified as Kabaneri, which are neither human nor Kabane. Of course, only a few would become a Kabaneri unless there have a strong will to survive (or an important item in Ikoma’s case).

Anyways, I’ll see you on the next episode!

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