Kiznaiver Episode #03

“Just kidding, I didn’t kill someone!”

Really, then how come you saw a corpse that resembled your dead friend back in Episode 2? I’m sure that you’re lying!

With that said, let’s move onto the Episode 3 where the Kiznaivers have another mission at hand…

And that’s finding the 7th Member named Yoshiharu Hisomu, who is causing trouble by crashing onto glass panels at a nearby mall and other things that inflict injury onto himself.

Of course, that would be a nuisance as the Kiznaivers (sans Katsuhira Agata) would get the same pain since Hisomu has the Kizuna System installed in his wrist. Also, it’ll be a literal pain in the ass to capture Yoshiharu because of the Kizuna System!

But you know what, to hell with the consequences as Kacchon decides to call Hisomu out by jumping off…

…and get hit by the truck! Well, at least Katsuhira didn’t die as the pain was distributed among his comrades!

See, he’s perfectly fine… until he passed out that is. Somebody call an ambulance!

Now then, let’s move onto Yoshiharu Hisomu as he felt the pain too.

Then again, I take it back as Hisomu got the bigger share, and damn he’s a freaking masochist! No wonder Yoshiharu likes to crash into walls and panels ’cause he loves pain… so bad!

Anyways, looks like the Kiznaivers are fully-assembled on this episode! Now then, when will Honoka Maki tell everyone that she really murdered someone?

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