Mayoiga Episode #04

Jigoku no Gouka and Nyanta, two survival game enthusiasts who are good at firearms although Jigoku no Gouka wanted to handle real firearms instead of BB ones.

By the way, seems that they didn’t found Yottsun’s body after being swept away. However, let’s just say that he’s dead and we can all rejoice, right? C’mon, he tries to rape Masaki but failed to do so!

Anyways, it seems that most of the participants like Mikage have decided to call it quits, and return to their former boring lives ’cause they don’t want to risk themselves on staying at Nanakimura.

This include Hayato who is also known as Speedstar. Originally, Haya- I mean Speedstar dragged Mitsumune to join him, but his friend resisted and decided to stay together with Masaki.

Well, sucks for Speedstar but you know what, seems that the girls suspect Hayato of being gay with Mitsumune because of his constant babysitting over him!

But let’s get on with it as Mikage’s group finally found the tour bus, but they couldn’t move it as the bus got stuck in the mud! Well, the only option is to go back on foot.

You know what, they should worry about other things like getting lost in the woods…

…as well as Jack, who got out of his prison cell and he’s out for blood against Hyouketsu no Judgeness!

C’mon, he means business especially when you encounter him during a stormy night!

Meanwhile, looks like the bus driver is getting hallucinations of his dead daughter Misato.

So, the bus driver chases Misato but I don’t think he’ll succeed though as the driver is getting a bit crazy!

Good thing Koharun and Valkana managed to catch the driver, but I have a feeling that he might have more problems other than his dead daughter like having a divorce or getting humiliated by his colleagues.

After all, most of the participants on this tour have emotional scars and/or shady past that he/she must forget!

In any case, let’s end this episode as Maimai and Nyanta saw something terrible inside the tunnel.

Could it be bigfoot or a giant Mitsumune according to Maimai? The possibilities are endless!

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