Anne Happy Episode #04

Well, both Botan and Hibari-chan are dressed-up nicely for their homework as they must find “the flower of happiness that blooms at the gate of dawn” or something.

Sure that Kodaira-sensei gave something vague as their assignment, but Botan and Hibari should watch out for Hibiki Hagyu and Ren Ekoda! Wait, where’s Ren?

Oh, she got sleepy and got surrounded by cats unlike a certain Anne Hanakoizumi where she got scratches when approaching them.

Speaking of Hanako-chan, where is she?

Oh, she got late at her appointment with her friends so Hanako-chan bump into Hibiki and Ren instead.

Of course, there’s a reason for that and it seems that Hanako-chan wants to eat a Popsicle!

Earlier on this episode, Anne Hanakoizumi’s clothes got wet or ripped along the way so she changed clothes like 10 times already.

Good thing Anne’s sister gave her spares, otherwise she might be returning home in the nude!

Now let’s go back to Botan and Hibari-chan as both of them couldn’t get clues from a certain old lady voiced by Satomi Arai. Well, that’s unfortunate!

However, Ren Ekoda managed to convince the old lady by playing the ikemen card… with bishie sparkles on top! Yeah, that’ll give them the path where the flower of happiness is.

Oh yeah, and Ren brought Hanako-chan and Hibiki-chan because having 5 people finding the flower is better than having 2 or 3!

Anyways, they finally found the place where “the flower of happiness that blooms at the gate of dawn” is located there.

Sadly, Hanako couldn’t find it at all because her homeroom teacher Kodaira gave her a vague item to search for!

But hey, they don’t mind about their assignment for the time being as the girls are enjoying the scenery for once!

Well, it’s better than getting bad luck all the time. But that’s the end of their weekend stroll at the park, but Hanako and her friends didn’t find what they’re looking for… or is it?

Turns out, Hibiki-chan help them out by silently taking them a picture. Heck, even Hibari and Botan are surprised…

…to see something so beautiful after Hibiki Hagyu took that picture. Well, Kodaira-sensei was impressed that the trio got a high grade on their homework.

Anyways, that’s about it for this week’s episode of Anne Happy!

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