Big Order Episode #03

Oh look, it’s Rin Kurenai and she’s locked up again after helping Eiji Hoshimiya escape and attempting to kill him, which she failed to do so because of his Order!

Don’t worry, Rin will be released as she’ll have another mission to help Eiji on capturing Yamaguchi. Of course, he’s not calling the shots though as the Group of Ten are taking charge of this operation. So much for Hoshimiya’s leadership skills!

But if one of his subordinates chose to betray him, there’s one final solution as Iyo gives Eiji a handgun as a last resort.

Then again, I bet that Iyo gave him a pistol full of blank bullets just to screw Eiji over!

Anyways, here’s the prime minister of Japan and while he looked like a moron for a head of the government, he has no qualms of doing nasty things…

…like killing one or two family members related to the Group of Ten. If Eiji’s sister Sena was captured and murdered, he would have killed everyone and destroy the world!

So, what will Eiji Hoshimiya do at this situation?

Well, why not kill his subordinates as retaliation. I mean, Eiji is already a bad guy at this point so why not have him murder a Dazaifu city official!

By the way, it turns out that Iyo gave him a handgun filled with real bullets. Oh yeah, and it’s all just a ploy to scare the prime minister. All he needs to do is to control the bullets using his Order powers.

See, he shit bricks this time after seeing Eiji’s horrible act. In any case, it’s time to invade Yamaguchi Prefecture next!

But first, let’s talk about Iyo as her Order called Star Seeker can make divine powers. However, there’s a catch though as Iyo must protect her rabbit-like headband from being touched by a man.

Unfortunately, Eiji got a hold of her headband and I have a feeling that something bad will happen for Iyo.

Well Eiji Hoshimiya, are you happy that you get a hold of her headband?

It turns out that touching Iyo’s headband would easily make her pregnant… and she’s about to give birth at Yamaguchi which is very inconvenient!

But you know what, I have a hunch that Iyo got raped and she’s carrying someone’s child before receiving her Order, just like Tsubaki Kasugano from Mirai Nikki.

In any case, it’s sucks that Eiji Hoshimiya must protect Iyo and her child at this point…

Also, it turned for the worse as they must get away from a Rock God. Looks like their plan of capturing Yamaguchi is starting to fall apart!

Oh yeah, and that Rock God is being controlled by Taira no Kagekiyo, who is a grown-up version of Murmur where she eats rocks as her diet!

Well then, off to next week’s episode!

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