Kuromukuro Episode #04

Well Kennosuke Tokisada Ouma, why don’t you try eating Japanese curry. It’s good as Yukina Shirahane shows!

See, you’ll love it eventually but don’t put too much chili powder in the curry.

In any case, Kennosuke is starting to get a hang of the modern times… almost. Also, he needs something to wear as Yukina-chan dragged Kennosuke at the shopping mall.

Um Ouma-dono, those undergarments are for girls and if you want to buy some fundoshi, there’s one!

By the way, since Yukina is somewhat in the news lately, she’s being hounded by reporters and most of them are shady at worst.

Um guys, I think you should give her a peace of mind!

Luckily, there’s Ouma-dono rescuing her from those reporters as they make a run for it. Later, those two reporters were apprehended by the UN secret service because the world isn’t ready yet for those demons or aliens.

In any case, they bought what Kennosuke needs from the mall and it’s time to go home.

And let’s end this week’s episode where Yukina gave Ouma-dono some notes from her disappeared father Takehito.

The notes point out the disappearance of the Washiba clan in which Kennosuke was part of it, but what Ouma-dono saw that made him angry…

And that’s the picture of the shadowy figure that was taken a few years ago. Kennosuke point out that the figure was the demon lord.

While Yukina’s father told her that the demons are coming and he wanted to see them, I wonder if Takehito became the leader of the Oni?

In any case, I’ll see you next week!

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