Mayoiga Episode #05

Starting from the right is Yuuna, Yuune, and Yuuno!

Ah, the Yuuna sisters… Well technically, they’re not sisters but they share the nickname “Yuuna” in the first place. Also, they didn’t die on this episode!

In any case, most of the participants who wanted to leave Nanakimura have returned, because it’s dangerous to move forward in a dark stormy night full of bears and a certain Jack in which he escaped by himself. One more thing, seems that Hyouketsu no Judgeness fell into a pit and left to die there. Well, he won’t be miss though.

Now let’s move onto Episode 5 where we start things off with Lion seeing ghosts and she points out that Mitsumune is actually one. Well, the only twist I’m looking forward to was their trip in Nanakimura was actually a place in the afterlife!

Also, Lion is just joking as she didn’t have powers to see ghosts. But then again, Lion shouldn’t just act like she saw dead people…

…as we have the bus driver begging Lion to see his dead daughter Misato. Remember what I told you back in Episode 4 where the driver has issues? Well, he has plenty!

In any case, Dahara calmed the bus driver down and told everyone to get some rest. C’mon, going back to Nanakimura is so tiring that you’re losing your insanity!

Of course, there are a few individuals who couldn’t sleep at night such as Mikage, where he suspects Koharun, Mitsumune, and Masaki of luring him and the rest of the participants into a death trap.

Well, he’s getting a bit paranoid about the whole situation such as Yottsun’s disappearance and Jack’s escape. Moreso with Lovepon as she’s obsessed on seeing Jack and Mitsumune getting tortured and executed!

Seriously, Lovepon is gonna start a massacre soon…

Speaking of Mitsumune, he was captured by Mikage’s group and he’ll be interrogated via torture. See, they’re getting crazy that they don’t know who can be trusted!

Luckily, Masaki saves Mitsumune by making smoke to scare Mikage’s group away from him. Now all she needs is to free Mitsumune and get out of the prison cell!

Well then, Mitsumune got away from harm once again. Of course, his fate could be worse if Lovepon’s insanity got higher and started to pull his nails.

So while they make their escape, both Mitsumune and Masaki saw something that’s not supposed to be included on this suspense anime series. Damn, it’s so ugly as hell!

Could it be that this bigfoot- I mean abomination called Tokimune is the main reason why the previous inhabitant disappeared, and why is Mitsumune and Masaki seems to be connected to this strange being? We’ll find that out on the next episode!

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2 Responses to Mayoiga Episode #05

  1. YahariBento says:

    I think this illusion is depend on memories of people.
    – Whatever they saw in that cave, they didn’t see the same thing. Maimai saw big mitsumune, a boy think that is robot, Mikage think that is laughter, etc.
    – When Mitsumune and Masaki saw a big illusion, there’re 2 images mixed in one. That penguin doll should come from Masaki’s memories. Tokimune image should come from Mitsumune’s memories.

    ps. If mitsumune didn’t mention “Tokimune”, I would think that right illusion is “Jack-kun” already.

    • benigmatica says:

      That’s plausible, but there are many things we don’t know about Nanakimura as well as the participants of this one-way bus tour.

      Some say that they’re dead all along after the bus have crashed, other thought that they’re alive but losing their sanity and hence having different illusions. We’ll never know until the next episode arrives!

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