High School Fleet Episode #04

Well, the Harekaze crew are facing another crisis on this week’s episode. This time, Momo Aoki and Hime Wazumi told them that the ship have toilet paper shortages, and the girls need it because they frequently use the restroom every single time!

In any case, time for Captain Akeno Misaki and her crew to buy toilet paper at a nearby shopping vessel somewhere. Let’s hope that they have enough money to buy a weekly supply of toilet paper!

Meanwhile, here’s Mashiro Munetani as she’s wearing Capt. Mike’s hat for a change. She looks fitting for a captain to be honest!

Of course, she’s just pretending to be a captain of the ship as Shiro is designated as Harekaze’s deputy captain. Then again, some of them agreed that Mashiro Munetani should be the captain of the Harekaze because her mother and her elder sister are accomplished Blue Mermaid officers.

However, it wasn’t meant to be as Shiro-chan is unlucky and has no distinctive qualities as a captain like Akeno Misaki. Let’s face it, Mike’s decisiveness to protect her crew from danger is the reason why the Harekaze is still alive and kicking!

Now let’s go back to Capt. Misaki as she got a year-worth of toilet paper after winning the lottery. See, Mike is not only a good skipper but she’s damn lucky too!

Unfortunately, she wasn’t lucky with the authorities as the Blue Mermaids arrested Misaki and her buddies.

Dammit, they didn’t do wrong and these girls just defended themselves from danger!

Meanwhile, the Harekaze’s residential cat Isoroku has found a rodent that was kept at a container labeled Abyss.

Hmm, does the Abyss have any connection with the Abyssal Fleet? Nah, it couldn’t have!

Of course, Isoroku wants to pounced that cute hamster because his instincts told him so!

Anyways, the Harekaze crew didn’t encounter any ships that wanted to destroy them, so it seems that they’ll be sailing smoothly towards Yokosuka Girls’ Marine High School.

Just kidding, looks like the crew have encountered ships and they’re not happy about Harekaze returning to their school!

On the other hand, there’s one crew member named Tama Tateishi getting a bit feisty on firing down a ship or two, even though the school forbid Harekaze to attack other vessels after issuing them to return port.

Meanwhile, those eyes aren’t normal for Tama-chan. Don’t tell me that something influenced her to attack?

Right now, it’s time for Tama-chan to get a hold of herself by having her thrown off by Mi-chan!

Then again, Tateishi might go towards Davy Jones’ Locker and never return thanks to Wilhelmina Friedeburg’s actions.

Just kidding, Tama-chan returned to the ship for some unexplained reason. Oh, and she’s back to normal in which Mi-chan felt relieved about it!

Meanwhile, seems that Tama-chan kept this hamster in her pocket but on the other hand, did that hamster has something to do about Tateishi’s outrage?

Oh wait, I think that hamster did cause her to go berserk, but I wonder why?

Moving onto the next scene as Capt. Akeno Misaki was safe and not beaten up after being arrested by the Maritime Safety Support Department’s Safety Oversight Office.

In fact, Second Class Inspector Hiraga told the Harekaze crew that they’re here to escort the ship back to port, as Mashiro’s sister Mashimo Munetani ordered the Blue Mermaids to rescue and supply the Harekaze crew, as well as investigating what happened when the Sarushima attacked them.

By the way, this is Yui Fujita and Sango Sugimoto, captains of both the supply ship Mamiya and the repair ship Akashi respectively.

Oh yeah, both Capt. Fujita and Capt. Sugimoto have cats aboard their respective vessels as they’re concerned about rat infestation lately. You know something after watching this episode, it makes sense that cats are needed to stop those rodents from eating supplies as well as turning crew members into war-mongering idiots!

Finally, here’s Mashiro’s mother Mayuki as she’s concerned about the safety of her students as well as the impending danger that poses them.

You know what, she should investigate the Abyss Corporation as they’re the ones who made those hamsters that turn crew members into berserkers. On the other hand, I wonder if that mysterious corporation is conspiring to spark another war by sending those rodents to various ships across the globe?

In any case, I’ll see you next week and now I’m worried about Mike’s best friend Moeka “Moka” China as she’s on-board with the battleship Musashi!

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  1. Karandi says:

    I haven’t watched any of this season yet and this is probably the most comprehensive account I’ve seen of an episode. It kind of made me curious to check this one out. Thanks.

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