Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress Episode #03

Looks like Ikoma will have some good’ol training session with Mumei, ’cause being a Kabaneri means nothing if you know how to fight like a pro!

Anyways, here’s Episode 3 and while most of them have escaped from their home station, some of the residents wanted to stage a funeral for their fallen loved ones.

Even though the official refused to host a ceremony for the departed, they eventually gave in and allow the residents to pay their final respects. Although the funeral is somewhat calm, it’s still dangerous as the Kabane might jump in at any moment!

Speaking of the Kabane, one civilian named Shino is starting to become one. Not only that, but she’s carrying an unborn child in her belly.

I wonder if her baby would become a Kabane too if Shino gave birth before succumbing to the virus?

Meanwhile, most of them are skeptical about the Kabaneri and while Ikoma and Mumei still retain their humanity, the likes of Kurusu still insists that both of them are a threat!

So, Ayame make sure that they pose no harm by stabbing Ikoma’s heart with a wakizashi. He grabbed it but didn’t retaliated against Ayame, which means that Ikoma still retains his humanity.

On the other side of things, we have Mumei ending Shino’s life even though she’s pregnant.

Although it’s unfortunate, there’s nothing we can do but to end a life before infecting others!

By the way, remember what I told you earlier that Ikoma fully-retained his humanity? Well forget about that as his Kabane instincts is kicking in to eat Ayame’s brains!

Damn, I wish Mumei would come here and subdue Ikoma before it gets worse! Anyways, I’ll see you on the next episode…

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