Kiznaiver Episode #04

Here’s Episode 4 and you’ve seen this girl during Katsuhira Agata’s dream sequences. While it’s not confirmed yet, I have to say that this girl is most likely to be Noriko Sonozaki!

Anyways, summer vacation is here in Sugomori City and it’s time for the Kiznaivers to take summer camp, because Sonozaki-san said so in order to strengthen their bonds with each other!

Unfortunately, they’ll ride this bus which looked like it came from the police station.

While the idea of strengthening their bonds and becoming friends is great, some of them don’t like one bit like Honoka Maki in which she didn’t tell the rest about her time Honoka killed someone.

On the other hand, there’s Noriko Sonozaki as she was invited by Kacchon because it would be sad if she was left alone while the rest are having fun at the camp!

While Katsuhira is delighted to see Noriko-san (a little bit), his childhood friend Chidori Takashiro is pretty much jealous upon inviting Sonozaki.

Speaking of Sonozaki, the reason why Kiznaiver is created as Sugomori City’s population is declining. As part of the Kizuna Committee, Noriko makes sure that the program will be successful. Come to think of it, I wonder if both Kazunao Yamada and Mutsumi Urushibara are part of it too? Oh wait, they’re part of that committee!

Meanwhile, here’s Kacchon’s two bullies as they’re dragged by someone. And look at their foreheads, seems that they have the Kizuna System embedded onto their heads.

Now then, who’s responsible for this one?

Why it’s none other than Mutsumi Urushibara in which she dragged both of Kacchon’s bullies for a ride towards summer camp.

Oh yeah, and Urushibara-sensei isn’t alone as she’s accompanied by Kazunao Yamada. Honestly, dragging Katsuhira’s bullies would be troublesome!

Anyways, see ya next week where it’s time for the actual summer camp!

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