Macross Delta Episode #05

Well, looks like the New United Nations will have no other choice but to wage war against the Windermere Kingdom. While Lord Roid Brehm claimed that the government is colonizing other planets just to take their resources for profit, I doubt his claim unless the New United Nations Government is otherwise incompetent.

On the other hand, both Arad Mölders and Capt. Ernest Johnson are having bad memories against the Windermere from seven years ago as a certain white knight named Gramia Nerich Windermere VI has given the New United Nations Spacy a hard time to suppress the rebellion until Gramia successfully conquered the planet and declare independence.

Speaking of Gramia Nerich Windermere VI, he’s alive but barely standing as King Gramia is slowing dying.

After all, Windermereans have shorter lifespans so they must make history by liberating other planets against the New United Nations. But I have to be honest, their bold actions would do more harm than good!

Meanwhile, here’s Freyja Wion as she’s being bombarded by reporters because they believe that Freyja was a spy, yet the truth is that she wanted to sing for Walkure and not helping the Windermere Kingdom.

Good thing Hayate Immelman saved her before it gets worse. Great job rookie pilot!

Oh yeah, and here’s Mirage Farina Jenius telling both Hayate and Freyja about her grandparents’ legacy as the first inter-species couple: Maximillian and Millia Jenius.

Yup, the best couple ever in the whole Macross franchise! On the other hand, I wonder what happened to them after Macross 7?

Still, I can see Mirage hooking up with Hayate-kun in the future! But then again, who needs legacy when Mirage is making errors sometimes.

Anyways, time for something different at Hayate Immelman pilot his VF-31 Siegfried and took Freyja Wion to blow off some steam!

Great idea there, but the ace pilot Messer Ihlefeld won’t like it!

In any case, Freyja sings her frustrations out while Hayate dances to the beat of her music!

Alas, their fun would never last as Messer caught both Hayate and Freyja and reprimanded them for insubordination.

Yeah, it’s sucks that Hayate was grounded by an ace pilot. Sooner or later, both Hayate and Messer would become rivals, where the former is the performer and the latter is the technician!

Anyways, see ya next week and as for both Hayate Immelman and Freyja Wion, both of them will stay at Delta Squadron and Walkure respectively despite the current situation that they’re facing right now!

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