Hundred Episode #05

NOTE: This is the only lewd picture existed on this episode!

It’s time for another episode of Hundred where Hayato Kisaragi still continues to baby- I mean protecting Sakura Kirishima.

While he wants to spend some time with Claire Harvey, he has some other plans…

…like ditching his work in favor of dating Emilia Hammett. I mean, she looked so cute in her girly dress!

Anyways, Hayato-kun got a great time with Emilia like buying her a necklace without being seen by their classmates. Too bad though that their date was cut short!

That’s because Sakura-chan escaped from her hotel room again and dragged Hayato to her secret place!

While Kisaragi texted his roommate before going off with an idol, the fact that Emilia Hammett being left alone was kinda sad.

Anyways, Hayato Kisaragi went to the Grand Canyon with Sakura Kirishima because that’s the place where she made fond memories with her mother.

On the other hand, it turns out that Hayato-kun and his sister Karen was the only reason why Sakura sings to this day. Of course, it wasn’t easy though as Kirishima got infected by a Savage virus which lose her ability to sing, but she regained her singing voice later when a certain Vitaly Tynyanov inject her with a vaccine.

Then again, there’s also the reason why she became a Variant as Vitaly continued to inject her with more vaccine so that Sakura would become stronger. Fortunately, her agent Souffle managed to rescue her before dying from vaccine overdose as most of the patients were succumbed to it!

Well I have to say that it sure hits her hard when Sakura recalls those painful memories, but at least Hayato Kisaragi is there because he’s the one who gave Kirishima the reason to become an idol! In any case, time for both of them to go home…

However, seems that their bus was attacked by a Savage again. And since both Hayato and Sakura are in the middle of nowhere, there’s little chance for them to call for backup!

Well then, looks like Hayato Kisaragi will have to protect Sakura Kirishima by himself them.

On the other hand, I wonder if those rogue Variants will ambush them on the next episode?

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