The Asterisk War Episode #17

Dammit, I’m angry that Flora Klemm got nabbed by someone that has closer links to the Tyrant Dirk Eberwein!

Anyways, looks like Kirin Toudou and Saya Sasamiya are at the offensive against Arlequint Academy’s puppets, and they got the upper hand as Saya-chan shows…

…where she blast RM-C sky high that the stage almost destroyed with that explosion! Of course, it wasn’t enough to knock Rimsi down.

I mean, she only lost her left leg after tanking it. With that said, seems that RM-C has no choice but to use her secret weapon.

And that’s purging her armor and transferring it to AR-D for his super form. I mean, his combination sequences is screaming super robot!

On the other hand, I wish AR-D and RM-C would actually combine together instead of having the latter purged her armor and attach it to the former.

In any case, the Arlequint’s puppets are freaking mad that they one-shotted both Kirin Toudou and Saya Sasamiya to win the semi-finals!

It was fun while it lasted for both Kirin and Saya…

See, they got beaten by a stronger foe, but that’s okay ’cause both Kirin and Saya showed those puppets that they’re no pushover!

Now let’s get onto the serious side of things as it’s time to save Flora Klemm.

Meanwhile, Ernesta Kuhne and Camilla Pareto got a call from Dirk Eberwein as he wants them to join forces!

Really Tyrant, you’re recruiting both Arlequint’s two geniuses on your dirty schemes like kidnapping Princess Julis’ friend?

In any case, next episode will be a rescue mission as the perpetrator demanded an emergency shutdown to Ayato Amagiri’s Ser-Veresta in exchange for Flora Klemm’s life, something that Julis-Alexia van Riessfeld forbid him to do so as they’re at the semi-finals and they want to win the Phoenix Festa.

Fortunately, both Princess Julis and Ayato-kun won’t give in to the kidnapper’s demands as Kirin Toudou and Saya Sasamiya will do the rescuing so that they’ll focus on making their strategy to their next opponent! Let’s hope that both girls will save Flora-chan beforehand!

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  1. Karandi says:

    Great recap of this episode. You’d think Kirin and Saya would have to succeed at this point given they just got taken out of the matches for the sake of narrative convenience. It was the first time during Asterisk that I was actually annoyed about the outcome of a battle. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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