Anne Happy Episode #05

This is Hibiki Hagyu meeting a long hair version of Ren Ekoda for the first time.

While Ren-chan didn’t grow her hair back afterwards, it’s great to see two childhood friends growing up together and let’s just say that Hibiki is secretly in love with Ren-chan!

Anyways, it’s another episode of Anne Happy where Hibiki Hagyu is off to school… and get lost in the process along the way.

And while there’s Ruri Hibarigaoka to help her out, Hibiki opted not to seek help from her rival even though Hibari-chan didn’t pose any threat to Hibiki in the first place!

So yeah, there goes Hibiki as she went to the other direction. And get this, the reason why Hagyu sees Hibarigaoka as a rival is because Ruri misdirected her during the entrance exam.

Of course, the truth is that Hibari-chan is helping Hibiki at that time but she didn’t listen! What an idiot Hibiki was!

On the other hand, Hibiki got a hold of Ruri’s pass case in which it contained a picture of her crush. That’s right, the signboard!

Then again, I think she’ll use it to get even at Hibarigaoka as Hibiki returned the pass case to its rightful owner.

Still wandering around the street, Hibiki made her stop at her former kindergarten where she and Ren started their friendship.

Also, this place is where Ren Ekoda cut her long hair as Hibiki tangled hers at the gate, saying that it’s okay to have short hair ’cause it looked good! Awww…

But that about it for this week’s episode of Anne Happy as Ren Ekoda finally found Hibiki Hagyu and managed to arrive at school in time!

Gotta say that it’s good to have childhood friends, although Ren won’t notice Hibiki’s feelings as she’s always attracted to girls, whether they’re old ladies or felines!

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