Kuromukuro Episode #05

This is the 4-man GAUS team stationed at UN Kurobe Laboratory where they pilot geoframes similar to Kennosuke’s Kuromukuro.

Starting from the right is GAUS-1’s hotshot pilot Tom Borden, GAUS-1’s navigator Liu Shen Mi, GAUS-2’s pilot and Yukina’s classmate Sophie Noël, and GAUS-2’s navigator Toshiyuki “Sebastian” Mozuki who is a JSDF soldier/Sophie’s butler.

These four will assist Kennosuke Tokisada Ouma and Yukina Shirahane on battling demons or Oni if you want to call them!

Speaking of Kennosuke, he’s going to school which surprised Yukina a lot as she expect more trouble from Ouma-dono.

See, look at her face. Yukina is feeling the misfortune when Kennosuke (or Ken-chan) is involved!

But you know what, let Kennosuke have a normal school life like any other teenager since the ways of the samurai is over in modern life. Well, the bushido code still exist though!

Meanwhile, here’s Sophie Noël as she tells Ouma-dono that avenging the Washiba Clan won’t do any good.

But for some reason, I wonder if she has any secrets or any trauma that she want to forget?

Anyways, next episode will have both Kennosuke and Yukina sortie in their Kuromukuro as the Oni from Episode 2 has returned!

This time, the yellow demon has a new toy to test with!

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