Big Order Episode #04

Well, this is inconvenient now that Iyo is about to give birth because Eiji Hoshimiya touched her ribbons! Also, notice that everyone inside the hospital didn’t notice Eiji.

Actually, she won’t give birth at the end of this episode so I’m sorry for spoiling at the beginning of this post.

Meanwhile, here’s Taira no Kagekiyo as while she offered Rin Kurenai to join forces and kill Eiji, Rin refused her offer and thus being petrified!

By the way, it turns out that someone leaked the intel about Dazaifu’s invasion of Yamaguchi.

Said person turn out to be Ayahito Sundan of the Group of Ten. What a bastard, Eiji should have killed him back in Episode 3!

Oh, and this guy is working at the United Nations in which they launched a nuclear warhead. Goddammit Ayahito!

Now then, let’s move onto the next scene as Taira no Kagekiyo finally found Eiji Hoshimiya.

C’mon, she’s itching to kill Eiji as revenge for the countless souls that were perished because of his wish!

Then again, Kagekiyo won’t carry it as she let someone do it like this nurse for example.

Man, Eiji shouldn’t let his guard down at any situation!

Then again, it’s not like Eiji will die just because a nurse stabbed him with a scalpel as he can use Bind Dominator on everybody including Kagekiyo.

Exactly as planned huh, but what about the nuclear missile?

Well, he can use Kagekiyo’s Rock God to stop the missile, but it won’t last long though as missiles (especially explosions) beats rock all the time!

At this point, Yamaguchi Prefecture is doomed!

That’s until Benkei Narukami came to the rescue as his Order Aramitama can destroy objects in a molecular level!

So yeah, it’s bye-bye for that nuclear missile as Yamaguchi is safe, but it seems that the prefecture wasn’t captured as Yoshitsune Hiiragi pulled Dazaifu’s troops out.

In any case, what’s the real objective apart from letting Eiji Hoshimiya to die in the battlefield?

Well, this girl named Hikari Tarutama as she can neutralize nukes using her Order… and Ayahito Sundan captured her when everyone is busy dealing with cruise missiles!

You know, even though Ayahito is a double agent, I still hate his gut and he needs to be killed! In any case, I’ll see you next week…

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  1. Karandi says:

    Great episode recap. Though I really want to know who makes a wish specifically to neutralise nuclear weapons.

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