Mayoiga Episode #06

Looks like Mikage and Jigoku no Gouka got tricked by Masaki’s smoke trap. And they thought that they’ll get burned to death!

On the other hand, where’s Nyanta and Lovepon?

Well, it looks like Nyanta was being chased by a giant hornet. How unfortunate, moving on!

Meanwhile, here’s Jigoku crawling away for what it seems to be a breast monster or something. On the other hand, it turns out that these abominations they encountered were actually manifestations of various fears and regrets.

So what Nyanta saw earlier was actually her bad memories where she was bullied and thus Nyanta wanted to get even at them by shooting them down with a BB gun. Unfortunately, Nyanta was captured by those bullies and use her BB gun to fire at a beehive about Nyanta’s head. Hence having a fear of freaking bees!

As for Jigoku no Gouda, the reason why he’s being chased by a boob monster is because he wanted to join the JSDF Ranger course, but he failed to do so because of his short height. As for the boob monster, Jigoku applied silicone to his head!

But let’s go to Lovepon as she’s being chased by a hannya mask. Of course, that too was a manifestation of her bad memories as Lovepon is being abused by an asshole Buddhist monk/con artist who often being served with sake with the hannya mask logo on it.

Hence, Lovepon is so obsessed on executing people because she failed to kill the Buddhist priest. Now I feel sorry for her!

Eventually, all three people were found by the rest of the pack, although they’re still shaken on what happened with Lovepon suffered the most on her ordeal.

On the other hand, where’s Mikage?

Oh, he’s being chased by a train monster and I have a feeling that he’ll be the next one to die since he got separated from Jigoku no Gouka.

Now then, this train abomination was the result of Mikage’s failures to present a toy train in time for the expo, which the executives laugh at him for being arrogant that the product will sell greatly!

Anyways, he’s gonna die soon…

Lastly, let’s talk about something important as Koharun found a news article where a certain Masaki Aina disappeared at the age of 16 and was last seen in Yanagasemura of Kitatsuru District.

For your information, the name Masaki Aina referred to that Masaki in which she’s currently with Mitsumune. Since that article is somewhat old, I wonder if Masaki is actually a ghost?

But in any case, we’ll find that out on the next episode of Mayoiga!

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