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The Asterisk War Episode #18

Here’s Saya Sasamiya and Kirin Toudou as they’re searching Flora Klemm before it gets worse. Then again, they’re still tired and somewhat injured after receiving a beating against Arlequint Academy’s puppets! Advertisements

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Kiznaiver Episode #05

Well everyone, it’s time for the Kiznaivers to experience their first summer camp together! On the other hand, Yoshiharu Hisomu wants to deliberately injure Katsuhira Agata so that he can experience pain. Such a masochist he is!

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High School Fleet Episode #05

This is the instructor of the Sarushima, Kaoru Furushou. Unfortunately for Furushou-sensei, she doesn’t know that her ship Sarushima is being hijacked by radio-active rodents and she couldn’t remember anything!

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