High School Fleet Episode #05

This is the instructor of the Sarushima, Kaoru Furushou. Unfortunately for Furushou-sensei, she doesn’t know that her ship Sarushima is being hijacked by radio-active rodents and she couldn’t remember anything!

Speaking of those hamsters, notice that Minami Kaburagi’s watch is acting a bit strange as the numbers scrambled up.

Come to think of it, those rodents are capable of scramble electronics which is why some of the ships like the Sarushima and the Admiral Graf Spee are acting strangely in recent history.

Let’s hope that the Musashi won’t happen the same fate!

Meanwhile back at the Harekaze, the crew are celebrating Wilhelmina “Mi-chan” Friedeburg on joining the Harekaze even though she was originally stationed at the Admiral Graf Spee.

Although she had some fun with Capt. Misaki and her crew-mates by giving Mi-chan a cake, the party was cut short when they received a distress signal from the Toumai Boys’ Marine High School!

And that’s when they found out that the battleship Musashi is attacking Toumai High’s vessels. I guess this ship don’t have cats on-board to swat those rodents out!

Oh yeah, this is Akeno Misaki’s childhood friend and the captain of the Musashi, Moeka “Moka” China.

While she’s not affected somewhat, Moka-chan can’t do anything but watch her berserk crew-mates fire shells at vessels indiscriminately!

With that said, time for Capt. Misaki to save her friend much like she did with Wilhelmina Friedeburg back in Episode 2.

Unfortunately, not today though as her water craft just crashed out by running towards small rocks. That’s sucks and also, her deputy captain Mashiro Munetani told her not to abandon her post!

In any case, looks like Mike has caught in the middle of a firefight between the Musashi and various Toumai High vessels. I’ll see you next week if she could get back to Harekaze!

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