Kiznaiver Episode #05

Well everyone, it’s time for the Kiznaivers to experience their first summer camp together!

On the other hand, Yoshiharu Hisomu wants to deliberately injure Katsuhira Agata so that he can experience pain. Such a masochist he is!

Now then, let’s start with Kacchon having a conversation with Noriko Sonozaki.

While she’s not a Kiznaiver like the rest of them because the Kizuna System wasn’t installed in Noriko’s body, seems that having both of them together would have someone getting jealous.

Someone like Chidori Takashiro who saw Kacchon getting kissed by Nori-chan, where in fact she just slapped him in the face because there’s a mosquito in Katsuhira’s left cheek!

Well, it’s another case of misunderstanding and thus Takaashiro ran away towards the forest…

Meanwhile, here’s Honoka Maki as while she’s still haunted by her dark past, Honoka wants to have sex with Tsuguhito Yuta because she doesn’t care about herself.

Seriously Maki, being apathetic would turn your life far worse than you’ve experienced!

Also, Kazunao Yamada and Mutsumi Urushibara are there to ruin their party, especially Yamada-sensei where he records students having illicit relationship.

Hmm, I wonder if he’s recording other students having sex so he could masturbate upon watching them? That damn voyeur!

Now let’s go back to Chidori as she went inside the shed because Takashiro is being chased by someone.

Oh, and the reason why Chidori is running away from danger…

…is because it’s time for the Kiznaivers to complete another mission in which to survive the grueling test of courage and save Takashiro.

No easy task when you have Gomorins weilding chainsaws and axes to murder them!

Then again, most of those ugly mascots are weak and they pose no threat as Hajime Tenga shows.

Yeah, even Nico Niyama can take one or two Gomorins down by smacking them. By the way, this particular Gomorin where it got hit by Nico-chan has Yoshikawa inside of it.

And since Yoshikawa has a Kizuna System installed in his forehead, his buddy Kamaishi would feel the brunt force of Nico’s wrath!

And there he is as Kamaishi was knocked down, and also he’s the one who’s chasing Takashiro.

So yeah, Kamaishi apologized to Takashiro for chasing her. However, his apology wasn’t enough for Chidori…

I mean, both Kamaishi and Yoshikawa bullied Kacchon that she felt more pain than her childhood friend.

Even though she’s jealous when Katsuhira is with other girls, Chidori still cares for Kacchon that she likes him!

Of course, Kacchon and the rest of the Kiznaiver felt her painful outburst that they finally found Chidori Takashiro.

Also, Katsuhira Agata wants his money back from Kamaishi and Yoshikawa!

In any case, mission accomplished for the Kiznaivers as they not only survived the test of courage but managed to rescue Chidori Takashiro.

Well I have to say that they become closer than before, although they’re still a long way to go as both Honoka Maki and Yoshiharu Hisomu didn’t tell their secrets to everyone yet.

As for Yoshikawa and Kamaishi, their role is over and they’re back to being normal students. Well, both Yamada and Urushibara will just erase their memories just to keep the Kiznaiver program a secret!

With that said, I’ll see you next week!

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