The Asterisk War Episode #18

Here’s Saya Sasamiya and Kirin Toudou as they’re searching Flora Klemm before it gets worse.

Then again, they’re still tired and somewhat injured after receiving a beating against Arlequint Academy’s puppets!

Meanwhile, both Ayato Amagiri and Julis-Alexia van Riessfeld are in action today against Saint Galahadworth Academy’s two combatants: Elliott Forster and Doroteo Lemus.

First off is Elliott Forster where he engages Ayato Amagiri in a sword fight. Of course, Ayato is not using his Ser-Veresta right now because Flora Klemm’s kidnapper wants his Orge Lux deactivated!

But you know what, Ayato doesn’t need an Orge Lux to beat Elliott as he beat the Claíomh Solais with a single swipe to his Lux!

On the other side, there’s Princess Julis taking on Doroteo Lemus as while the armored knight is no match for the Gluhen Rose, the Brightwen couldn’t stand the heat…

…as Doroteo collapsed due to Julis’ flame attacks. Well, seems that the Brightwen should have cooling on his armor if he wants to defeat the Witch of the Resplendent Flames!

In any case, another easy victory for the Ayato/Julis pair as they move into the final match in the Phoenix Festa!

Of course, it won’t be easy for Seidoukan’s aces as they’ll have a hard time dealing with Arlequint’s puppets in the finals.

Back at Arlequint, Ernesta Kuhne and Camilla Pareto are bothered by Dirk Eberwein’s request apart from preparing their final match against Ayato Amagiri and Julis-Alexia van Riessfeld.

On the other hand, there’s some insight regarding these two geniuses as Ernesta Kuhne wanted both Aldy and Rimsi to give them rights and become fully-fledged students at Arlequint Academy.

As for Camilla Pareto, she wanted to repay Ernesta’s gratitude.

In fact, she was saved by Ernesta Kuhne after Camilla’s body got badly injured upon receiving a grenade blast from terrorists a few years ago.

In any case, both of them are prepared to realize their dreams of having puppets integrated into society, but they must get past both Ayato and Princess Julis first!

Now let’s return to both Ayato Amagiri and Princess as they’re congratulated by Eishirou Yabuki.

Oh yeah, and while he speculated that the Grimalkin from Le Wolfe Black Institute are responsible for kidnapping Flora Klemm, Eishirou has no idea where they’re actually hiding. So much for his help!

With that said, there’s only one thing left to do as Ayato went to the shady part of Asterisk City which is Rotlicht.

Well, he got some little help from Irene Urzaiz but she won’t bail him out in sticky situations!

Then again, this girl might help Ayato out. In any case, I’ll see you on the next episode!

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  1. Karandi says:

    I’m actually looking forward to the next episode. After a slow start to season 2, Asterisk has finally begun building some momentun and I hope they don’t hit the brake again. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this episode.

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