Hundred Episode #06

Remember these two people who appeared in previous episodes? Well, this is Fritz Glanz and Reitia Saint-Émilion, respectively.

These two people will served as Hayato Kisaragi’s backup and I’m sure that they’ll join the Selections later!

Oh yeah, there’s Emile Crossford and don’t be confused with Emilia Hammett ’cause they’re two different people!

On the other hand, Emile is somewhat jealous that he was left alone to date Sakura Kirishima instead. But in any case, let’s save their “lovers’ quarrel” for later…

…as this Savage would be a tough one to beat as it has regenerative powers.

Basically, Hayato and his friends will tire out as its limbs will just grow back!

And then, these guys appear out of nowhere. Finally, these Variants have arrived but they’re not here to save those Slayers!

In fact, they’re a nuisance to them as one of the Variants knocked Kisaragi-kun down.

By the way, these Variants are called Hunters and they have a reason why they’re called that way.

You see, they have a task where they kill Savages in the most gruesome way possible…

…only to nab cores inside of them. Yeah, they don’t care if their body is covered in Savage fluids!

And get this, these Hunters are working for Vitaly Tynyanov which begs me the curiosity that the Savage cores will be used to make artificial Variants just like Sakura Kirishima.

For now, another Savage threat was thwarted but it seems that Hayato Kisaragi and the rest are pretty salty that someone else did their job!

But in any case, let’s enjoy Sakura Kirishima’s concert as the crowd go wild with her singing, which stops Savages briefly from its tracks by the way!

Anyways, looks like Hayato Kisaragi and his friends are enjoying the concert, but it only last for a short time as Sakura Kirishima will go to another country once her concert at Little Garden is over.

Just kidding, Sakura Kirishima is here to stay as she kissed Hayato Kisaragi in the cheek, something that both Claire Harvey and Emilia Hammett would get jealous about it!

Anyways, I’ll see you on the next episode for the new story arc.

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