Macross Delta Episode #06

Well everyone, another episode of Macross Delta where Mikumo Guynemer told Freyja Wion that she sucked if she can’t sing when her fellow Windermereans are out for her blood!

Also, Mikumo is curious about Lord Heinz Nerich Windermere’s singing for some reason, although it would be too late for her to see the next heir…

…as Lord Heinz is pushing himself to sing and convert everyone into battle-crazed men in order to bring down the New United Nations.

Heck, even Lord Roid Brehm is concerned about the prince’s health because without Lord Heinz, the Windermere Kingdom won’t stood a chance against the New UN Spacy!

Anyways, another sortie for the Delta Squadron and Walkure as they’ll have to quell a rouge squadron of NUNS pilots with the power of music!

Also, this is the first time that both Hayate Immelman and Mirage Farina Jenius will be sortied into space.

C’mon, space is so vast that you won’t hear you scream unless you have sound boosters attached to your VF-31 Siegfried!

On the other hand, there’s also the Aerial Knights as some of them went to kill Freyja Wion, only to be greeted by Hayete’s kick as Bogue Con-Vaart demonstrates how his SV-262 Draken III was pushed away.

Well, Bogue Con-Vaart is a scrub for not only a racist prick but blindly went to the enemy ship where he didn’t realized that the Delta Squadron is nearby!

Would it be nice if Bogue got killed by the Grim Reaper named Messer Ihlefeld, but that would be saved for later episodes.

Meanwhile, here’s Mirage as her Valkyrie is about to be destroyed by the Aerial Knights.

Her family would be disappointed if Mirage died without standing any chances of fighting back!

Fortunately, Hayate is here to save the day as he forced to gun down a Draken III just to rescue his instructor.

This guy named Lt. Uroh wouldn’t stand a chance as this rookie pilot would be shot down…

…and get caught in an explosion, cementing Hayate Immelman’s first confirmed kill.

It’s gruesome, but that’s how it goes when a war is raged between the Windermere Kingdom and the New United Nations!

Meanwhile for Hayate, he needs to realize that war is hell and people die when they’re gunned down. After all, he rescued Mirage from becoming another casualty.

As for Mirage, she thanked Hayate for saving her but it seems that she needs to become mature and think outside the box, as flying and fighting enemies by the book won’t get her anywhere!

Also, looks like Freyja Wion is getting hurt upon seeing both Hayate Immelman and Mirage Farina Jenius together.

Sorry Freyja, but Hayate and Mirage are destined to become a couple unless Kawamori screwed us over and give us the “You’re my wings!” crap!

Lastly, here’s Lord Keith Aero Winderemere as he shows his brother Lord Heinz something terrifying…

And that’s a dimensional crater that changed the planet of Windermere forever. Apart from having endless winter, I wonder if that scar contributes the Windermerean’s shortening of their lifespan?

In any case, I’ll see you on the next episode!

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