Sansha Sanyou Episode #05

Well everyone, here’s another episode of Sansha Sanyou where the summer heat has hit Yoko Nishikawa and collapsed!

Okay, seems that it got worse as Yoko-sama got a lump at her forehead. Looks like Yu Takezono would be worried sick about it since he’s the self-proclaimed fiance of Yoko Nishikawa!

In any case, it’s up to Teru Hayama and Futaba Odagiri on taking over Yoko’s role while she’s resting at the break room.

While Teru looked somewhat good in her maid uniform, I wonder where’s Futaba-chan?

Oh, looks like Futaba went with the sexy polo shirt and slacks instead, which suits her body well that Sonobe-san gave her a thumbs-up!

With that said, both Teru and Futaba did well at Sweet Garden especially Futaba-chan as she’s good at cooking.

Meanwhile, here’s Serina Nishiyama and her friend Asako Kondou as they went to Sweet Garden to buy sweets and other confectioneries, only to be greeted by Teru Hayama and Futaba Odagiri serving them with desserts!

Since both Hayama and Nishiyama are rivals, there’s only one conclusion to this situation…

And that’s trying her luck at Sweet Garden to get even at Teru by wearing an even-cuter maid uniform (courtesy of Shino Sonobe) and work harder there.

While Sonobe-san is delighted to see cute girls working part-time jobs at her sweets shop, I think Nishiyama-san is underestimating her part-time job…

…especially when the trio are there to see her work. Unfortunately, Serina-chan froze up afterwards so that’s sucks for her! Now she’s just a paperweight compared to the trio!

Well then, another episode of Sansha Sanyou has ended this week. See you next time!

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