Shinmai Maou no Testament Episodes #22 & 23

Hello everyone, it’s the final battle as the current demon lord Leohart…

…faces Basara Toujou!? Wait, he passed out in the last episode unless someone help him to get to the arena!

Well guys and girls, time to start the match as both Leohart and Basara are giving their all, although Basacchi got injured after killing Belphegor in the previous episode.

On the other hand, he has some few tricks in his sleeve like cloning himself to confuse the demon lord. Well actually, it’s all because of that perfume that Basacchi got from his friend Yahiro Takigawa or Lars.

And speaking of Lars, it was revealed that he helped Basara on going back to the arena.

Unfortunately for Basacchi, Leohart is quite powerful as he’ll swing his sword Loki towards the exiled hero…

…knocking Basara Toujou towards the ceiling with his demonic powers with it. Not even his Brynhildr can stop Leohart’s power!

Well guys and girls, looks like Basara Toujou got beaten by a demon lord. There’s nothing we can do but seeing him go down towards the lava…

Yup, he’s dead! Then again, Basacchi will be back as he got some candy from Maria’s mother Shella, which he ate it just before taking the hot plunge at the volcano!

And lo and behold, Basara transformed into his super form thanks to Shella’s candies.

Unfortunately, there’s a side-effect to it as Basacchi is in berserk mode just like in Episode 16!

However, his super mode gave Basara great advantage as he overwhelmed Leohart!

And then, he’s gonna kill Leohart which would anger Liala very much.

With Basara couldn’t control himself, it would be catastrophic if he succumb to Brynhildr’s curse and die as a result!

Fortunately, there’s Mio Naruse as she intervened the match just to stop her brother from doing nasty things like taking Leohart’s head.

Of course, stopping Basara physically won’t be enough though…

…as Mio needs to go inside Basara’s subconsciousness in order to save her brother.

Unlike Highschool DxD however, their naked bodies are covered with red aura so it’s a damn shame!

But in any case, Basara Toujou has come back to his senses thanks to Mio Naruse.

As for the match however, it was decided to have it a tie instead of having a loser and a winner. Technically, Leohart got beaten but it doesn’t matter now as there’s no hard feelings for both fighters.

Well then, looks like the tournament has ended and Mio Naruse is safe!

But then, some of Leohart’s elders decided that if they can’t accept the result, they’ll just bulldoze everything as the elders activated the relic in which contained a war god called Chaos.

Yes, this is their desperate move so that they could control the demon realm behind Leohart’s back, get Mio Naruse’s powers, and restart the war against the gods and heroes! On the other hand, I wonder what happened to Balflear?

Meanwhile, here’s Admirath as he has some unfinished business by killing both Kurumi and Yuki Nonaka. What an asshole Admirath is!

Luckily, Maria Naruse is here to give this bastard a well-deserved punishment by ripping his arms off!

Yeah, payback is bitch for Admirath and also, that’s poetic justice there as Maria gave him a flurry of punches and kicks until this narcissist demon is out cold!

Well that takes care of Admirath and now it’s time to go back to Xamdu!

Now then, Chaos is being pinned down in order not to go on a rampage and turn the situation worse. And who’s restraining this war god if you may ask?

Why it’s none other than Ramsus. Of course, he couldn’t hold the war god much longer though!

Well, there’s only one thing to do if the going gets tough…

And that’s Mio channeling her demonic powers towards Basara in order to activate his super mode and use Vanishing Shift!

Of course, his strength isn’t enough to beat Chaos so Basara got help from Leohart as well in order to send this war god into another dimension.

And yes, Basacchi succeeded on sending Chaos away from the demon realm!

In any case, time for Basara Toujou and Mio Naruse to go home because their time at the demon realm is finally over!

Oh, and let’s not forget about Basacchi’s harem too as they’ll return to the human world as well.

As for both Ramsus and Loki, it seems that Basara Toujou’s appearance has changed the demon realm forever.

Also, both demons won’t pursue Mio Naruse anymore as she wants to be a normal girl, which is a good thing as she already suffered much after learning her heritage.

Of course, not everyone is pleased as the elders make their last-ditch effort to overthrow Leohart and nab Mio Naruse. That’s two birds in one stone!

Sadly, they won’t get anything what then wanted as the elders were sliced and diced! I wonder who did this?

Why it’s none other than Liala as she doesn’t want anyone hurting her dear brother Leohart. Also, the fact that gore is censored on Shinmai Maou no Testament makes me a bit angry!

Sure that censoring both nudity and excessive violence is overkill, but leaving gore out in the Blu-ray version in favor for more exposed tits is unfair. C’mon Kadokawa, have both gore and nudity shown in their unadulterated form!

Meanwhile, here’s Jin Toujou as Liala caught him snooping around. On the other hand, Liala is interested in Basara instead of killing him for hurting Leohart, which is a sigh of relief for Jin-san as he won’t have to slay Liala just to protect his son!

Now that the dust has finally settled in the demon realm, it’s time for the most important thing that you’re looking forward to see…

And that’s FANSERVICE TIME! Yup, time to end this series with some nice hot sex between Mio and Basara, even though Basacchi is not gonna penetrate Mio-chan because it’ll be straight porn!

But anyways, enjoy some french kissing and licking Mio’s delicious armpits! C’mon, she’s turned on when Basacchi is doing it to her!

And look, she got an orgasm after a night of fondling and exchanging saliva like there’s no tomorrow!

It would be nice if they continue this, but it won’t happen…

…as Maria Naruse barged in so she can record it to her camcorder. That sneaky succubus!

Also, Yuki Nonaka is here together with her sister Kurumi. C’mon, she and Kurumi wanted to get it on with Basara for a threesome!

Oh yeah, and there’s Zest too as she joined the party as well…

…by shoving Basara’s face onto her chest! Oh Zest, what a cheeky woman she is!

You know what, let’s go for a wild orgy instead ’cause it’s a fucking great idea than having one man and woman getting it on while the rest have to wait their turn!

But in any case, that’s about it for Shinmai Maou no Testament as Basara Toujou, Mio Naruse, and the rest of Basacchi’s harem lived happily ever after! Well of course, there’s still some mystery left unsolved such as Basara having two mothers as well as his connection to Chisato Hasegawa. I guess we’ll never know as Production IMS and Kadokawa won’t make another season.

So while the story has somewhat ended (which is not as the novels are still on-going), there’s one more episode to go before closing the series out, so please check out on my post for Episode 24 (or Burst Ep. 11) in the future!

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