Anne Happy Episode #06

This is Timothy, HE IS A HYAKU-SHIKI!

Well, nothing like having a robot buddy covered in gold just to guide those unlucky students in the great outdoors!

Unfortunately, Timothy is not A CHAR AZNABLE but let’s get onto this week’s episode!

Anyways, let’s start with Botan Kumegawa and Ruri Hibarigaoka as both of them are trekking along the forest.

While Botan-chan is worried sick about her frail health, I wonder where’s Anne Hanakoizumi?

Oh, she made a wrong step and almost fell if it wasn’t for both Botan and Hibari-chan pulling her up.

Man, it’s dangerous to go to the forest without someone helping you around!

Meanwhile, Hanako-chan lost her lunchbox along the way after Botan and Hibari-chan helped her. I wonder if those cheeky wild monkeys stole her lunch?

Fortunately, Hibarigaoka shared her food because she made lots of it should someone got hungry or made a disgusting lunch!

Glad that Ruri is a lifesaver on this episode!

Oh yeah, let’s invite both Hibiki Hagyu and Ren Ekoda too ’cause having more people eating lunch together, makes the food taste better just like in Koufuku Graffiti!

Now then, let’s move onto the next stage after eating their food, but it seems that Anne Hanakoizumi went somewhere to clean the utensils.

Sadly, she disappeared after Botan looked away from her!

However, she was found by Hibarigaoka and Kumegawa so it’s all good! Actually, Hibari-chan’s crush point them out in the right direction!

Speaking of direction, it’s too late for Hibiki and Ren as Hanako-chan is finally rescued, due to the fact that the couple got lost in the woods.

While it’s great news that Hanakoizumi was found, it’s not yet over…

…as the five girls got attacked by a bear. Oh, and don’t tell me that the bear is female because it wasn’t.

Sorry Ren, but save your charm next time!

Well, the only thing that they could do is throw everything at the bear, but not including the kitchen sink ’cause there’s nothing to find and hurl it!

Also, you noticed that Botan wasn’t there as she fainted. But in any case, those girls are doomed!

Just kidding, seems that Kodaira-sensei got a hunting rifle to stop the bear from attacking her students. Great job for this teacher!

Oh yeah, and it turns out that the bear escaped from the zoo and so Kodaira-sensei put it to sleep with a tranquilizer.

Gotta say, it was a “holy shit” moment on this week’s episode!

And look, the homeroom teacher from Class 7 has the strength to carry the bear on her back. Holy shit indeed!

On the other hand, I wonder if someone deliberately release the bear from its cage? But it doesn’t matter anymore as the girls are safe and sound!

Well everyone, looks like Anne Hanakoizumi and her friends enjoyed their trip in the great outdoors!

With that said, another episode of Anne Happy has ended for this week.

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