Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress Episode #05

Well, seems that Mumei got a visitor named Enoku and meeting him has caused Mumei to act differently, as she feared that her master (which I presume to be her brother) might abandon her.

Yet, she felt fine as Mumei does her job on killing Kabane when she raided the boiler tower and activate it…

…just for Ikoma to operate the crane and remove the obstacle that’s blocking the train from going inside Yashiro Station.

Actually, it was Ikoma who activated the boiler and while Takumi and Sukari are supposed to operate the crane, Ikoma does that too as the situation got worse.

Meanwhile, I guess I was wrong that meeting Enoku greatly affected Mumei as she was grabbed by a Kabane (which I assumed to be another Wazatori)…

…and throw her away into the pit. Yeah, she’s not doing fine currently!

Honestly, I think she needs to take a rest for the time being!

Luckily, Ikoma came to the rescue as he took down the Kabane and saved Mumei.

Of course, leaving his crane post means that the debris he’s holding onto…

…has loosened and it’s now blocking the iron fortress. Damn, this situation turned for the worst!

Nah, there’s far more worse than having the train blocked by a debris as Ikoma and Mumei not only went to a collapsing cave…

…but Ayame and her servants encountered something terrible: A black smoke-like giant where it’s formed by a thousand Kabane. Gotta say that it reminds me of that Colossal Titan!

Anyways, let’s hope that they could make it out alive on the next episode!

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