Kuromukuro Episode #06

Looks like the demon from Episode 2, now code-named Yellow Crab, is ready to challenge Kennosuke’s Kuromukuro to a duel!

Just kidding, don’t expect a fair match as the Oni will use underhand tactics to beat their opponent like ganging up on the artifact.

Meanwhile, here’s Jundai Kayahara and Ryouto Akagi as they move closer into the action and record footage of geoframes battling out.

Well, Kayahara is doing the recording while Akagi got dragged into this mess!

Meanwhile, the GAUS team has arrived to take care of those grunts.

Sure that the demons have gravity barrier to fend off shells, but Sophie Noël and Tom Borden can manage them!

See, all they need to do is pin those demons down together, and either shoot them down in point-blank range or stab them with a knife.

With that said, two demons down and let’s get back to Yellow Crab…

…where the Oni got stabbed by Kuromukuro with its own sword and goes down. Well, that takes care of the enemy!

Actually, it’s not yet over as the pilot of the Yellow Crab has revealed himself. That’s right, a humanoid alien piloting an Oni.

This is Hedo who is a Reform Frontier Officer from Efidolg, and he wants to ask the Kuromukuro on why it defected to the Earthlings. But you know what, Hedo’s people are the ones who brought those robots into Sengoku-era Japan in the first place.

Seeing that there’s no response from Kennosuke Tokisada Ouma and Yukina Shirahane, Hedo decided to do a last-ditch effort…

And that’s blowing up his Oni into a ball of explosion, taking down the Kuromukuro with it.

Sadly, Hedo’s efforts went in vain as the Kuromukuro is still standing. On the other hand, I wonder if the UN geoframes, plus Jundai Kayahara and Ryouto Akagi are alright?

With that said, looks like the enemy has revealed itself to be Efidolg. Then again, there are various reasons why they invaded Earth in the first place, but that will be saved for future episodes!

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