Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta? Episode #06

This is Ako Tamaki and dealing with real-life things such as reading fashion magazines scares the shit out of her!

By the way, that magazine she’s holding belong to Akane Segawa and also, Schw- I mean Akane wants Ako-chan to follow the guide on playing real-life.

Now then, let’s move onto Legendary Age where Sette, the rookie avatar of Nanako Akiyama, has promoted into a summoner thanks to her Alley Cats guild-mates!

Oh look, she got a pet wolf named Mu-tan as her companion! Isn’t it cute?

On the other hand, here’s Ako-chan but she’s in a white-ash state, as she faced the dreaded mid-term exam that drained the life out of her!

Luckily, Ako managed to pass the exams and thus won’t have to worry about make-up lessons during summer break.

For Sai- I mean Nekohime, she felt a sigh of relief that she can join with the rest of the Net Game Club in August, which they’ll have a training camp hosted by Kyou “Apricot” Goshouin.

One last thing, Hideki Nishimura confessed his love for Ako Tamaki and wants her to be his girlfriend. However, Ako rejected his confession as going from being a housewife to a girlfriend is a step-down according to her.

Well, that’s suck for Nishimura and also he should explain about the confession to Ako-chan as she’s still act according to game logic!

Oh well, looks like Hideki got shot down by a problematic girl and it seems that Kyou-sempai and Akane-chan are mocking him with a silly dance!

In any case, onto the next episode!

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