Big Order Episode #05

Here’s something you should be paying attention as this mysterious man is somewhat related to Eiji Hoshimiya, as well as being wary in regards to Yoshitsune Hiiragi’s secret agenda!

Meanwhile, seems that Sena Hoshimiya has woken up from her slumber, but the bad news is that she has 6 months to live due to a rare leukemia disease unless someone would cure Sena-chan.

Yeah, Eiji doesn’t take it well as he channeled his anger at Yoshitsune, but let’s face it as Hiiragi is a scheming bastard as he’ll let Eiji’s sister die!

Oh yeah, and little does Eiji know that Sena has the potential to have Order powers, and only a few members of the Dazaifu’s Group of Ten kept it just to screw him over.

But anyways, here’s something interesting as both Sena and Eiji have sex (or implied that they did it) and I have to say that Eiji’s love for his sister has gone too far! Not that I hate incest though.

Also, it turns out that both of them are not blood-related according to Raidou Fuwa and Yoshitsune Hiiragi.

Let’s move onto something different as Eiji Hoshimiya and Rin Kurenai went to Hiroshima as Yoshitsune Hiiragi ordered them to find an Order user who can cure illnesses.

Then again, it’s all just a trap and there’s no way an Order user that can get rid of diseases would exist in Hiroshima!

Speaking of traps, Hiroshima is filled with yakuza thugs and this guy named Hanzo Hattori is controlling them.

This includes Rin Kurenai in which Hattori overrides Eiji’s Bind Dominator. And look, Rin cuts off Eiji’s right hand!

But you know what, deep down within her heart, Rin won’t be satisfied on killing Eiji as she got help or got influenced by others.

Fortunately, Yoshitsune stepped in and with the help from Ayahito Sundan, Hiiragi went to Hiroshima in seconds and used his Order called Fact to Fiction on Eiji Hoshimiya!

Oh look, Eiji’s right arm turn back to normal as if it’s all just a lie. Actually, Hiiragi’s powers can turn any truth into lies!

Of course, the only truth that happened on this episode is that Yoshitsune punched Hanzo to the face! Also, the other truth that happened is that Asread’s animation quality is still shit unless it was fixed in Blu-ray.

Speaking of Blu-ray, I might do another post of Episode 5 where the main focus will be the bathhouse scene in the future! C’mon, nothing like seeing girls (especially Taira no Kagekiyo) having fun in the tub!

Anyways, seems that Hanzo Hattori and Rin Kurenai got away to lick their wounds for now!

Damn, sucks that Eiji Hoshimiya couldn’t get Rin back but there’s something important that will happen at the end of this episode.

And that’s the appearance of Daisy, telling Eiji that the one controlling Rin and Hanzo is none other than his disappeared father Gennai Hoshimiya. Yeah, that wouldn’t take it well for him!

With that said, I’ll see you next week as Eiji Hoshimiya and the rest of the Group of Ten might plan to rescue Rin Kurenai.

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  1. Karandi says:

    They might plan to rescue Rin, or maybe they will just get distracted by something else nonsensical and unexplained. Really, this whole story feels like it was written by drawing random encounter cards out or a barrel. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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