Mayoiga Episode #07

Well, this is interesting as Mitsumune has a twin brother named Tokimune. If you’re confused on who’s who in regards to the twins, Mitsumune is the one holding the stuffed penguin while Tokimune preferred to play his toy robot. Sadly, Tokimune died after falling off a wall like a Humpty Dumpty.

By the way, Mitsumune’s mother loves Tokimune so much that she forgot that Mitsumune existed. But after Tokimune’s death, Mitsumune’s mother is in denial mode that she sees Mitsumune as Tokimune. Gotta say that it reminds me of Ayato Naoe’s situation.

Tired of just running away from his fears, Mitsumune decides to take down the giant penguin that he called Tokimune by himself!

Sadly, all he received was a punch in the gut that sends Mitsumune flying and knocked out cold. That’s sucks!

Oh look, it’s Mikage and I thought that he died after being chased by a grotesque train.

On the other hand, he agrees to everyone that Masaki is a ghost and it’s connected to those abomination that happened in Nanakimura.

Wow Mikage, what a horrible decision you made because you just freaked out. I hope you die next time because you’re fucking paranoid!

Meanwhile, Mitsumune was found by Hayato or Speedstar as this self-proclaimed friend is worried sick about him!

Really, I have a feeling that Hayato is freaking gay towards Mitsumune as he’s simply clingy and worrisome much like Mitsumune’s mother.

Anyways, time for Mitsumune to go to sleep because he’s freaking tired after all that running and attempting to face his fears!

But then again, both Lion and Nanko-san wake him up as something bad will happen. Yeah, I’m feeling it right now…

…as Masaki got captured and she’s about to be executed like a witch. Nothing like having the tour participants go on with the witch hunt!

Speaking of executions, Lovepon will do it because she loves executing people for their crimes despite her failed attempt to kill a shitty Buddhist priest.

But you know what, she won’t be doing it…

…as Hayato will do the killing as he accused Masaki of seducing Mitsumune away from him.

Also it seems that Speedstar already grazed her arm, which it’s confirmed that Masaki is human, but that would anger Mitsumune further!

I mean, Mitsumune went there to land a punch onto Speedstar’s face for attempting to murder Masaki without further explanation.

Of course, his efforts were in vain though as Mitsumune was captured and pinned down after punching Hayato.

All he can do is just watch it unfold… until Masaki decides to tell the truth about Nanakimura, which will be saved for the next episode. Damn you cliffhanger!

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2 Responses to Mayoiga Episode #07

  1. YahariBento says:

    I wrote comment somewhere this anime is like corpse party and another but I think it’s like “Silent Hill – Homecoming” the most.

    Silent Hill is game that the main protagonist will need to confront to the most fear in their hearts in the end of the game (except silent hill 1). And Home Coming is one of series in SH that I think it connects with Mitsumune the most, because SH Home Coming and Mitsmune’s past are similar.

    – The protagonist in Home Coming has younger brother who their father cherished him more than older brother. One day, the accident happened, his younger brother fell to the river because he quarreled with protagonist in the boat. This result made him can’t handle this and lost memories about his brother and moved away from his town. After few years, he came back to his hometown and the final fear he needs to confront is about his lost back then.

    – Mitsumune can’t stand he is substitute of Tokimune. He is jealous of his twin, Tokimune because he is troublesome kid but always receive love from their mother. His twin is her fav. After Tokimune’s dead, his mother still see his twin is more important than him and forced him to be Tokimune for her. His father is not different, didn’t want to hurt her so he needs to hurt Mitsumune endlessly.

  2. Karandi says:

    It’s all well and good to tell someone to face their fears, the reality is usually just a little bet more challenging. Oh well, let’s hope they all stay crazy next episode.

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