Spring 2016: The rest of the field… 2nd Half!

This post is brought you by Sakamoto-kun as he did many things like saving Yoshinobu Kubota from bullies, escaping Aina Kuronuma’s clutches, and fought Hayabusa-sempai (or 8823) in a pushing sumo match with style!

Yeah, it makes Tonari no Seki-kun looked plain in comparison but what do you guys think on who’s better, Seki-kun or Sakamoto-kun?

01. Sailor Moon Crystal

But let’s start things off with Sailor Moon Crystal and while the animation quality is getting better, it’s time to introduce to Hotaru Tomoe where she’s sick and somewhat attached to Chibi-Usa’s Legendary Silver Crystal to calm the pain down.

Also, the Death Busters are ramping up on collecting Hostes from people in order to revive Master Pharaoh 90, but their efforts were hampered by the duo of Haruka Tenoh and Michiru Kaioh, otherwise known as Sailor Uranus and Neptune respectively where they’re preventing a catastrophe even if they’re at odds with Sailor Moon and her friends.

But you know what, both the Inner and Outer Senshi should team up in order to defeat the Death Busters but also prevent that said catastrophe!

02. Shounen Maid

At number two is Shounen Maid and it’s still cute to watch as Madoka Taketori cares for Chihiro Komiya, because he made a promise to his sister Chiyo that they’ll help each other in times of need.

Althoug Chihiro’s mother have passed away, Madoka-san still continues his promise to help Chihiro much like his sister. But you know what, enjoying their interaction is the cutest thing you’ll see on this series!

03. Bakuon!!

Moving onto Bakuon!! where I introduce Raimu Kawasaki as she’s been greeted by her junior and current chairwoman Tazuko.

Some say that she almost won a race if it wasn’t for a pitstop mess-up, while others say that she earned money by betting at an Auto Race in order to buy 35 bikes… all we know is, she’s not The Stig, but she is The Stig’s eternal 17-year old Japanese cousin!

Oh yeah and I forgot to tell that Bakuon!! is similar to K-ON!, but you know it already as some of you expected that this show is similar to Kakifly’s manga about cute girls eating sweets and rocking out! Speaking of K-ON!, I expect an Azusa Nakano-like character appearing in future episodes.

04. My Hero Academia

Next up is My Hero Academia where Izuku Midoriya got into U.A. High School and met new friends such as Ochako Uraraka and Tenya Iida.

Of course it wasn’t easy for Izuku (or Deku as Katsuki Bakugou called him) as he trained his body to receive All Might’s Quirk called One for All. Oh, and he used his powers to rescued Ochako from a giant robot villain during the practical exam even though it costs zero points and it’ll injure him.

Even so, Izuku doesn’t give up easily as with great effort, he can become a hero and worthy of being the successor to All Might. Now all he can do now is to not only get past at Katsuki, but to face greater challenges ahead!

05. Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn RE: 0096

And now, let’s end this post with Gundam Unicorn as the TV retelling have finally reached the end of Episode 2 from the OVA series.

Basically, Gundam UC RE: 0096 took 6 episodes on covering the first 2 OVA episodes. Should Sunrise wanted to extend this series to 25 episodes, they should add some new footage because copying all 7 OVA episodes won’t be enough!

Anyways, I’ll see you again in June for the conclusion of Spring 2016!

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