High School Fleet Episode #06

Well, looks like Capt. Akeno Misaki was rescued by the Harekaze crew. Sadly, she couldn’t save her childhood friend as the battleship Musashi escaped!

While some of them don’t like the captain abandoning her post just to save someone, Mike shows that a good captain doesn’t need to order his/her crew to make a decisive maneuver or anything. In fact, Capt. Misaki treats her crew as her family and it’s her duty to rescue them!

Meanwhile, the Harekaze crew are experiencing communication and radar glitches at the moment. But you know, there’s one culprit behind it!

Yup, it’s those radioactive rodents that turn ship crew members into berserkers while screwing up equipment!

Luckily, Isoroku managed to nab one. Then again, Harekaze needs to have more cats!

Meanwhile, the Harekaze crew are clearing up mines that block their path.

Here, you’ll see Ritsuko “Ricchan” Matsunaga and Kayoko “Kayo” Himeji taking care of this dangerous work!

Sadly, their watercraft got caught in a mine. However, both Ricchan and Kayo are a-okay thanks to the watercraft’s safety device, now the only thing they need to do is wait for someone.

Fortunately, Capt. Akeno “Mike” Misaki came to the rescue and even though her deputy captain told her not to, Mike persisted to lend them a helping hand!

Oh yeah, and Capt. Misaki didn’t go alone as Rin Shiretoko join her because running away won’t do any favors.

Anyways, both Ritsuko Matsunaga and Kayoko Himeji are rescued thanks to Mike and Rin’s selfless effort!

And now, let’s end this episode as Harekaze’s resident doctor Minami Kaburagi is trying to administer her latest antidote on Hime Wazumi.

But then again, Dr. Kaburagi tried her latest creation on herself instead. Now I wonder if her antidote can cure the virus from the rodents or made it worse?

Anyways, we’ll find that out on the next episode!

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