Kiznaiver Episode #06

Hey everyone, I would like to introduce to Honoka Maki’s dead friend Ruru-chan. By the way, both Ruru and Honoka are actually co-creators of a shoujo manga called “The Promise from Heaven” under the pen name Charles de Macking.

While the manga became popular, it was halted after releasing a single volume as Ruru-chan died and Honoka Maki was the one to blame for letting her die. Was it despair that ultimately claimed Ruru’s life? We’ll never know!

Right now, here’s Honoka Maki as there’s TV crew at the school asking her for an interview in order to hype things up for the movie adaptation.

Unfortunately, Maki-san refused to be interview and let’s just say that she’s distressed because of it. I mean, if Honoka supposedly killed her friend, she wanted to forget about it yet the painful memory still remains!

Luckily, the Kiznaivers are there to rescue Honoka as they felt her emotional pain as well. C’mon, nobody likes their friend being bothered by anyone about their private life.

Gotta say that after last week’s episode, the Kiznaivers become a bit closer but they still have a long way to go!

On the other hand, it was Tsuguhito Yuta who first take action on this rescue mission since he got caught in Honoka’s problems back in Episode 5.

Also, Yuta-kun can sue the TV crew for breaking into someone’s privacy. But you know what, here’s something better…

Why not record it and let the netizens bash the TV crew for being rude as Yoshiharu Hisomu shows.

In any case, another mission has accomplished by the Kiznaivers! But then again, it was Noriko Sonozaki who use Honoka Maki as part of their mission.

Speaking of Sonozaki, Katsuhira Agata talked to Noriko on how he was disappointed towards her.

Well, given that Sonozaki has issues that she can’t tell, I guess that’s the reason why Kacchon felt that she’s isolating herself towards everyone.

With that said, I’ll see you next week!

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