The Asterisk War Episode #19

Well, looks like Ayato Amagiri got rescued by a mysterious girl as he’s still at Rotlicht and the Phoenix Festa final match is fast approaching.

In any case, he needs to find Flora Klemm quickly but it seems that Ayato and the girl would be stopped by someone…

Someone like this former Jie Long student who is now working at a mafia… and this guy is not only creepy but dangerous as well!

Fortunately, the mysterious girl can knocked that thug out with a single kick. But you know what, I wonder who she really is?

Well it turns out that she’s a famous songstress, and the number one student of Queenvail Girls’ Academy named Sylvia Lyyneheym.

Not only that, but she’s a Strega as well where Sylvia can locate a person using the power of her voice. But in any case, Sylvia helped Ayato on locating Flora Klemm and let’s hope that he could thanked her personally when the Phoenix Festa is over!

Meanwhile, this is the guy who kidnapped Flora Klemm and it’s confirmed that he’s working with the Tyrant.

No surprises there as Dirk Eberwein is a bastard who do underhand means to deactivate the Ser-Veresta, but I wonder why?

In any case, time for Saya Sasamiya and Kirin Toudou to rescue Flora Klemm while Ayato Amagiri and Julis-Alexia van Riessfeld are busy preparing for the final match against Arlequint Academy’s puppets.

Oh yeah, and both girls are accompanied by Eishirou Yabuki who can unlock doors using his hacking skills.

But then again, Yabuki is useless in combat as they encountered shadow puppets to slow them down.

Not a great idea considering that both Saya and Kirin are tired and somewhat injured during their fight against AR-D and RM-C!

Fortunately, they got some backup but this guy was forced by Eishirou to help the girl. So who could this person be?

Why it’s none other than Lester McPhail and it’s been a long time since I saw him back in Episode 5!

Well, let’s hope that both Saya Sasamiya and Kirin Toudou can rescue Flora Klemm in time, because the next episode will be the championship match between the puppets against Ayato and Princess Julis!

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  1. Karandi says:

    Yeah, Lester’s appearance threw me for a minute because it took awhile for me to even remember that he had appeared before. Thanks for your overview.

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