Macross Delta Episode #07

This is Reina Prowler, the resident hacker of Walkure who is always at odds with the busty mechanic Makina Nakajima, but they team up when danger arises!

Anyways, the Delta Squadron and Walkure are at Voldor, one of the controlled planets by the Windermere Kingdom who controlled most of the NUNS soldiers stationed there using Var Syndrome.

Since Windermere are at war with the New United Nations, both the Delta Squadron and Walkure disguised themselves as Voldorians in which they wear cat ears!

This includes Hayate Immelman where he’s allergic to cats after chasing of mercats back at Ragna. Also, he doesn’t like catnips by the way!

Good thing both Mirage Farina Jenius and Freyja Wion are there to cover him up! C’mon, Hayate can’t blow his disguise at the moment!

Meanwhile, this Voldorian elder got a visitor on this occasion. And who might that be if you may ask?

Why it’s none other than Lord Roid Brehm as he discussed about the ruins on the planet Voldor that relates to Protoculture. That’s right, Protoculture!

Lord Roid claimed that the Windermereans are the rightful heir to the Protoculture, despite the fact that those ancient aliens are the progenitor of all sentient beings as well as culture itself such as music. Also, they want to develop dimensional weapons against the New United Nations despite the fact that these weapons were banned because they’re dangerous.

By the way, remember that scar that Keith Aero Windermere described on last week’s episode? It was caused by a dimensional weapon and the Windermereans blamed the NUNS for that incident. But there’s another story to that as Mirage Farina Jenius told her comrades that it was the Windermereans who used the dimensional weapon, but they misused it at one point and that’s how their home planet got a scar after gaining independence.

One more thing, the Windermerean’s use of their dimensional weapon didn’t affect their lifespan.

Moving onto the next scene where Mikumo Guynemer went to the ruins as she heard a voice there.

Oh, and she sang to her heart’s content inside the ruins, but then again she might get caught by the Aerial Knights and the Var-controlled NUNS soldiers!

In any case, looks like their cover was blown and it’s time to get out of here!

By the way, they’re collecting regular water and Windermere apples along the way ’cause it’s important. You see, a person eating Windermere apples and drinking water will cause him/her to have the Var syndrome.

Damn, I think I should stay away from apples for the time being!

Unfortunately, Hayate, Mirage, and Freyja got caught in a trap. And who might be responsible for trapping a Windemerean and two Delta Squadron pilots?

Why it’s none other than the Aerial Knights led by this racist prick Bogue Con-Vaart. This guy is an asshole because he treats Earthlings as inferior and everything related to human culture like music are full of trash!

Fuck this guy, I want Bogue to die on the next episode once the main trio finally escaped. If not, then he should be killed by Messer Ihlefeld!

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