Hundred Episode #07

Let’s start this week’s episode with a nice view of Miharu Kashiwagi’s tits. Nice view indeed!

In any case, this is a beach episode and Sakura Kirishima is having fun with Hayato Kisaragi in the sun, something that Emile Crossford would get mad at it!

Too bad that their time at the beach will be cut short…

…as an important visitor named Judar Harvey arrived not to see his sister Claire, but to meet Hayato in person because Kisaragi has divine blood running through his veins.

Oh, and Judar wants Hayato to see deep inside Little Garden because of his blood. In any case, this is the core of Little Garden called LiZA.

Or should I say Liza Harvey as she’s the first Slayer and Variant. Sadly, she’s sleeping and Judar suggests that Hayato should kiss Liza, something that Claire won’t like it!

On the other hand, Judar Harvey have a strained relationship with Vitaly Tynyanov, which the latter wants to capture Liza Harvey in order to further develop her Hunter program.

Meanwhile, Hayato Kisaragi and the rest of Selections are at the Qin Empire on a major mission, which they’ll work with the UN Peacekeeping Forces in order to eradicate Savages in Tian Quan City.

Since there would be Savages in that area, Vitaly Tynyanov’s Hunters will be there as well!

On the other hand, a new character was introduced on this week’s episode. This is Claudia Loetty from the Federation of Britannia’s Gudenburg region.

Anyways, Claudia is here to take Emile- I mean Emilia back to Gudenburg as it was revealed that she’s actually part of the Gudenburg royal family.

But then again, Emilia Gude- I mean Hammett wants to stay in Little Garden because of Hayato Kisaragi. Sorry Claudia Loetty!

With that said, I’ll see you next week for the start of their mission!

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