Sansha Sanyou Episode #06

Ah, it’s Summer time and these three girls are going to the beach…

…to work for Shino Sonobe’s Secret Garden beach hut! No rest for the weary!

On the other hand, Yu Takezono is worried about Yoko Nishikawa that he ate a bunch of desserts.

Well, he’s helping Sonobe’s beach hut for Yoko-sama’s sake. But you know, Yu-kun’s stomach won’t take too much sweets that he’ll wind up in the ambulance!

But hey, at least Yu-kun give Yoko-sama and her friends some accommodations at a hotel, since the beach is closed due to shark infestation and you don’t want either Yoko, Teru, and/or Futaba getting chomped by Jaws.

By the way, Teru Hayama can’t swim but at least there’s her sister Kou helping her out… by throwing Teru towards the pool! Don’t try this ’cause it’s dangerous!

Yeah, throwing someone at the pool is hilarious but it doesn’t teach a person like Teru on how to float and swim towards safety.

Remember kids, let a responsible adult teach you on how to swim properly. The more you know!

In any case, the trio had so much fun on this beach episode. On the other hand, Futaba will have a hard time getting rid of her sun tan once Summer is over!

Anyways, see ya next week for another episode of Sansha Sanyou!

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