Anne Happy Episode #07

Oh look, it’s Anne Hanakoizumi and it looks like she’s freaking drenched after storming through the rain!

Well, make it overly-drenched as Hanako-chan got a fever and she was sent home. Also, notice that she’s not wearing her hair clip as it was broken.

In any case, both Ruri Hibarigaoka and Botan Kumegawa went to Hanakoizumi’s house and pay a visit there!

Then again, I have a feeling that Hanako-chan’s house looked more ominous and ridden with bad luck!

Going there would be suicidal as there’s a crow nestled on the roof and there’s that heavy local downpour at the Hanakoizumi residence!

Oh look, it’s Anne’s sister named Sakura. Nah, I’m joking about the sister part as this is actually Anne’s mother who looked so damn young!

Then again, Sakura-san somewhat inherited her misfortune to her daughter Anne and looked how both of them bumped their noggin onto each other!

In any case, Anne is happy that both of her classmates came, but she’s still sick to go to Tennomifune Academy yet.

Then again, it all comes down to her bad luck unless a miracle occurred, which the possibility of happening is closer to zero!

Back at Tennomifune Academy, Hibari-chan and Botan are worried about Hanakoizumi.

Also, Hibiki Hagyu and Ren Ekoda are there, but she didn’t came to laugh at them because it’s bad as Hibiki and Ren are also worried about Hanako-chan!

So, what to do on making Anne go to school again?

Well, why not create some Teru Teru Bouzu to make the rain go away! After all, the rain is the one to blame on making Hanakoizumi sick!

But you know what, a simple Teru Teru Bouzu won’t be enough…

Therefore, let’s turn Timothy into a Teru Teru Bouzu just like Chiaki Minami. The bigger the doll, the higher chance that the rain will disappear!

And look, it worked as there’s sunshine on the next day!

Even Timothy is surprised to see it that the bright sun engulfed him. We salute you for your sacrifices, Timothy!

In any case, Anne Hanakoizumi is back at Tennomifune Academy. And look, her four-leaf clover hair clip is fixed thanks to her mother.

Anyways, all’s well that ends well on this week’s episode. Also, Hibiki’s Teru Teru Bouzu didn’t do anything great as it looked like a Chinese dragon!

With that said, I’ll see you next week…

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