Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress Episode #06

Well, both Ikoma and Mumei are trapped inside a mining cave. However, Mumei suffered the most as while she’s stuck under a pile of rubble, Mumei is starting to lose control and becoming a Kabane.

By the way, Mumei is having flashbacks of seeing her comrades getting murdered. While I speculate that Mumei’s master ordered his men to kill them, it was the most horrible thing she saw on that day!

Meanwhile, Ikoma is there to not only to provide Mumei with flesh blood but to fend off countless Kabanes before the rescuers arrived… should they come to aid them despite screwing the train’s escape route.

Luckily, Ayame’s men came to rescue both Ikoma and Mumei. Thank goodness that some people care about them!

Unfortunately, there’s no time to celebrate as the Black Smoke is still there.

Yeah, this Titan-like monstrosity formed by a thousand Kabane is chasing them!

The only way to stop the Black Smoke is to pierce its heart, which is impossible to penetrate since its protected by corpses forming a ribcage.

By the way, here’s something that you’ll get turned on before the battle against the Black Smoke: Yukina’s ripped body!

Yeah, are you motivated to fight against the Kabane?

Meanwhile, here’s both Ikoma and Kurusu working together to fend off the Kabane. Also, notice that Kurusu’s katana was made using body parts of the Kabane such as the heart.

In any case, it’s nice to see them fighting side-to-side against a common foe, compared to the earlier episodes where Kurusu hates Ikoma for being a Kabane!

But anyways, here’s Takumi as he operates the Type 48 cannon and fire it onto the Black Smoke.

While his first attempt end up making a scratch out of that abomination…

…Takumi’s second attempt nailed it towards the Black Smoke’s chest, exposing its heart.

Now, the only thing left to do is for Mumei to pierce it as the Kabane might close it again!

On the other hand, does this Kabane resembled one of Mumei’s friends? If so, this is one of those cases where Mumei has to kill her former comrades in order to save lives!

But then again, it wasn’t as Mumei successfully defeated the Black Smoke and the iron train is safe for now!

Oh look, the iron train almost derailed itself as Ayame and her crew made their escaped. By the way, mo multi-track drifting on this one!

In any case, I’ll see you next week then!

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  1. Karandi says:

    A train really does seem like a terrible way to try and escape anything. It isn’t like they can leave the tracks. Thanks again for continuing to share your thoughts on this series.

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