Kuromukuro Episode #07

This is Takehito Shirahane and while he’s an archaeologist who wanted to find those demons (or aliens) and befriend them, he disappeared and Yukina got bullied because of Takehito’s dubious claim.

Now, those so-called demons from the planet Efidolg have arrived and they’re not here to make peace!

Meanwhile, here’s Yukina Shirahane and Kennosuke Tokisada Ouma as both of them arrived at their school as usual.

However, it seems that there’s bad news regarding their two classmates.

See this guy named José Carlos Takasuka? He’s devastated that both of his friends, Jundai Kayahara and Ryouto Akagi, went missing and Carlos asked both Yukina and Ken-chan to find them.

By the way, the UN geoframes are safe but it seems that Kayahara and Akagi got caught in the blast and somewhat died unless Efidolg took their bodies, reconstruct and brainwash them. But you know what, it’s their fault for not only going into danger but Jundai Kayahara exposed the existence of extra-terrestrials, which other countries questioned Japan about it!

Speaking of Efidolg, they’re surprised that one of their mecha named Glongur (now called Kuromukuro) killed Hedo. So, Efidolg decided that they want Glongur back, but I don’t think that getting their mecha back won’t be enough.

In any case, I think that behind their demon-like armor, the people of Efidolg are clearly humanoid aliens. Of course, I wonder if one of them happened to be Takehito unless it wasn’t the case.

Back at Yukina’s house, her mother arrived home and she helped her daughter on making gyoza, but not to tell Yukina to pilot the artifact as Hiromi-san doesn’t want to.

Speaking of Yukina-chan, she blamed her dad for exploring the artifact that everyone called her a liar.

In fact, Yukina wished that she doesn’t want Takehito to be her father in the first place!

Then again, Takehito and Hiromi brought Yukina to this world in the first place, so it’s not right to talk bad about her father!

In any case, Hiromi-san slapped Yukina in the face, ran away from home and never returned after this.

Oh and to make matters worse apart from Yukina’s disappearance, Efidolg demanded the return of Glongur (or Kuromukuro) to them. Yeah, that’s something Ouma-dono would take it!

In any case, let’s hope that Yukina is safe on the next episode!

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