Big Order Episode #06

Well everyone, this week’s episode will have Eiji Hoshimiya and Iyo travelling to Izumo to find an Order user that can cure illnesses.

By the way, Iyo didn’t gave birth as it was found out that it was actually her premonition of having Eiji’s child. Then again, Eiji is fixated on his sister Sena so it’s sad that Iyo will be friend-zoned by then!

With that said, here’s the Order user that can cure any disease: Kuroko Shirabyoushi. Then again, she preferred to call her as Kamimusubi!

In any case, Kamimusubi challenged both Eiji and Iyo in a game of kemari. Fortunately, Eiji Hoshimiya and Iyo worked together to beat Kuroko Shirabyoushi, which she agreed to help them cure Sena’s incurable disease.

However, they were interrupted by one of the Public Safety Division 6 member named Fumai Matsudaira, where he was sent to assassinate Kamimusubi using his Order called Isotonic Water.

That’s right, he’s gonna drown Kamimusubi as well as both Eiji and Iyo!

Fortunately, both Eiji and Iyo combined their Order to combat Fumai’s Isotonic Water.

By adding Iyo’s divination powers to Eiji’s Bind Dominator, it can predict the enemy’s attacks…

…while retaining its domination powers as Eiji controls a school of fish and attack Fumai until he’s defeated.

With that said, Eiji Hoshimiya and Iyo beat a member of the Public Safety Division 6. However, it’s not over yet!

In fact, Fumai summoned Daisy to show the rest of PS6. And look, there’s Rin Kurenai which means that it’ll be a long time getting her back!

One last thing, one of the PS6 member named Jubei Yagyu used his Dimensional Sword to finally kill Kuroko Shirabyoushi, as well as Fumai Matsudaira because having a failed PS6 member killed off is necessary.

Well, so much for getting Kamimusubi but there’s still more to come on the next episode!

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