Mayoiga Episode #08

Continuing from last week’s episode, Masaki revealed that she did visit Nanakimura once before.

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, Masaki is neither a ghost nor a first-timer on visiting the lost village!

Oh, and she came with her cousin Reiji to investigate the lost village before being separated as Reiji saw a monster, while Masaki didn’t see anything.

In any case, Masaki decided to return to Nanakimura in order to find Reiji (which is impossible because he’s dead), but many of the tour participants didn’t believe her (except for Mitsumune) so they decided to gang up on Masaki because that’ll solve anything except for their delusions!

However, it was soon interrupted when the tour bus crashed in. Glad that the execution is over, but this episode ain’t done yet!

See this bus driver? He nabbed Masaki and beg her to see his daughter Misato again!

Um Mr. Bus Driver, Masaki ain’t a ghost and she can’t bring back dead people. Seriously, you’re delusion is going off the charts now!

Oh yeah, and the bus driver dragged Mitsumune too even though he didn’t want to.

One more thing, there’s one more person who is very concerned about Mitsumune…

That’s right, it’s Hayato or Speedstar who chased the bus and cling on it. By the way, Speedstar didn’t die upon chasing the tour bus!

With that said, looks like the majority will have to hunt the tour bus though, either in working condition or a piece of junk!

By the way, Koharun felt sorry for herself that she turned Masaki into a scapegoat, in order not to be suspected of misleading the participants. But you know what, Valkana blamed Koharun for turning this one-way bus tour upside-down and there’s nothing they can do about it!

Meanwhile, here’s Maimai as she’s with Nanko and Lion for a girls’ talk.

Anyways, Maimai told them about her problem as she’s in love with someone, but the girls started ganging-up until Maimai’s crush who ditched her. Yeah, girls are scary when they got jealous when someone is in love with the popular guy!

In any case, that’s how Maimai got her darkest secrets from as her crush resembled Mitsumune… a giant one in fact that she’s the only one who can see it.

With that said, let’s wrap up this week’s episode as both Valkana and Koharun saw someone attacking them with a bow and arrow. Here’s a hint, he supposed to die by falling onto a cliff.

That’s right, it’s Hyouketsu no Judgeness and it’s surprising that he’s alive and kicking after being chased by Jack!

On the other hand, what happened to Jack the psychotic killer? Oh well, I’ll see you next week then…

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1 Response to Mayoiga Episode #08

  1. YahariBento says:

    It appeared there’re 4-5 men still want to pursue that bus and leave from village. They don’t mind to run away from reality again & again but never tried to think monster they want to escape, came from their memories.

    – I wonder how Oji-san retrieve bus (it fell to the cliff and everyone can’t lift it) or this is another bus?

    – I’m glad there still have sane people over there and didn’t try to corner Masaki and hurt Mitsumune and her.

    – Where does that Oji-san who drove a van? He would live in another village, I guess and someone there would save Reiji, I wonder.

    – I hope that Judgeness guy will RIP but he appeared again. I’m annoyed this guy.

    – Someone should bring Lovepon to hospital.

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