Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta? Episode #07

This week’s episode will have the Net Game Club doing outdoor activities because playing online games is prohibited.

So while you’ll see girls in bikini, it’s a good change of scenery once in a while. BTW, where’s Yui Saitou?

Oh, there she is and Saitou-sensei looked stunning in her one-piece swimsuit!

By the way, she’s once a wrestler back in her day so if you try to mess her, Saitou-sensei will either give you a suplex or a flying press!

Anyways, the Net Game Club have fun in the sun ranging from a game of beach volleyball…

…to piling up Akane Segawa’s body with sand. C’mon Schwein, you should love your burly body made of sand for once!

And now to top it all off, here’s some fireworks to lighten up the mood for Hideki Nishimura!

Let’s hope that he can confess to Ako Tamaki properly…

Unfortunately, Ako sees Hideki or should I say Lucian as her husband just like in Legendary Age.

Seriously, Ako Tamaki should separate reality with fantasy. What if someone hack Nishimura’s account and pose them as Lucian? It’s gonna be a nightmare scenario!

For the second day of their summer camp, the Net Game Club will check-in at a hotel which hosts a Legendary Age event.

As for Nishimura, he’s having trouble logging in which it resets after typing his username and password. Although he successfully logged-in, I smell something fishy…

Anyways, let’s end this episode with Ako and Lucian all alone. Then again, I have a feeling that something bad will happen next week!

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