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The Asterisk War Episode #20

Well everyone, here’s the final match between Arlequint Academy’s AR-D and RM-C versus Seidoukan Academy’s Ayato Amagiri and Julis-Alexia van Riessfeld! While Ayato and Princess Julis are at a disadvantage, they’re not gonna be pushovers against those puppets… Advertisements

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Kiznaiver Episode #07

Well, this is not a good start on this week’s episode as Nico Niyama is crying. Not even French fries would make her happy as she and the rest of the Kiznaivers found out…

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High School Fleet Episode #07

So I heard that you love girls taking long baths, eh? Too bad though as their water supply got ran out and so the Harekaze crew resorted to using seawater instead! By the way, the Yokosuka Girls’ Marine High School … Continue reading

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