High School Fleet Episode #07

So I heard that you love girls taking long baths, eh? Too bad though as their water supply got ran out and so the Harekaze crew resorted to using seawater instead!

By the way, the Yokosuka Girls’ Marine High School should have installed filters in order to turn seawater into fresh water.

But hey, at least there’s rain water to collect as the Harekaze crew are experiencing downpour across the sea!

Except for Capt. Akeno Misaki as she not only scared of lightning, but also having bad memories of seeing her parents die in a ferry accident.

Yeah, no wonder she’s somewhat shaken at this moment. However, Mike-chan will face something terrifying…

…when the Harekaze crew encountered a shopping ship sinking. And since the Harekaze is near Shinbashi, it’s their job to rescue passengers before the Blue Mermaids arrive to aid them!

In any case, the Harekaze crew mobilized to not only assess the damage but to rescue passengers as much as they can.

While Capt. Misaki wanted to participate, it seems that she’ll sit in for this one and let the crew do the rescue instead of risking her life!

Now then, all of the passengers from the shopping ship Shinbashi are finally rescued… Well, almost as there’s one more person left that needed rescue!

Not just a person, but a cat named Tamonmaru who got saved by Deputy-Captain Mashiro Munetani, but got stuck and lost her strength to move out towards the exit.

For Shiro-chan, it wasn’t her lucky day but there’s no time to lose hope yet!

In fact, reinforcements have arrived in the form of the Blue Mermaids! Thank goodness that they’re here to rescue both the cat and the deputy captain!

In any case, mission accomplished for both the Harekaze crew and the Blue Mermaids as they didn’t get any casualties on the Shinbashi disaster.

So while Capt. Misaki is happy that Shiro-chan is back safe and sound, it turns out that Tamonmaru was given by Munetani from the owners as the cat got attached to the deputy captain. Well, that’s two cats aboard on Harekaze!

One last thing, Dr. Minami Kaburagi gave the radioactive rodent and the antidote formula to the Blue Mermaid crew in order to make a cure for those who are affected by this hate plague.

Well then, that’s about it for this week’s episode of High School Fleet! Just hoping that the Blue Mermaids won’t get caught by the battleship Musashi, or all hope will be lost!

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