The Asterisk War Episode #20

Well everyone, here’s the final match between Arlequint Academy’s AR-D and RM-C versus Seidoukan Academy’s Ayato Amagiri and Julis-Alexia van Riessfeld!

While Ayato and Princess Julis are at a disadvantage, they’re not gonna be pushovers against those puppets…

…as the Seidoukan Academy’s aces won’t give Ardy and Rimsi an easy win on this decisive match at Phoenix Festa!

Then again, both Ayato and Julis couldn’t land a clean hit either.

Well, Ayato Amagiri cut RM-C’s badge so it seems that he and Princess Julis won’t have to worry about fighting two puppets.

But it turns out that RM-C was just baiting him and the Gluhen Rose.

That’s because AR-D already got RM-C’s armor already installed to his body. Yeah, this is gonna suck!

Man, I wish both Saya Sasamiya and Kirin Toudou already rescued Flora Klemm.

However, they got snagged by a shadowy figure from one of Grimalkin’s agents. It’s gonna be a tough one for Kirin not just because of her injury…

…but because this guy named Wernher will be a pain in the ass to beat him due to his shadow manipulation.

You know what, the only way to beat Wernher is to light him up!

Well, ask Saya Sasamiya as she gives Wernher a flashbang to not only blow his cover, but to blind him as well!

In any case, that gives Kirin-chan some time to rescue Flora Klemm and give it to Saya-chan. Nice strategy there!

Of course, there’s Wernher and he stabbed Kirin Toudou in the gut. If she prolonged this fight, Kirin-chan will be a goner!

So, Kirin end Wernher’s shadowy reign of terror with a clean swipe of her katana, followed by Saya blasting the Grimalkin operative away until he knocks out!

With that said, Flora Klemm is rescued but it seems that Kirin Toudou needs help right away!

And since Flora is finally rescued, it’s time for Ayato Amagiri to activate his Orge Lux again.

Yup, his Ser-Veresta is back and Ayato cut AR-D’s Wolrin Hammer into two pieces. Can’t wait for Ayato and Julis’ second wind on the next episode!

As for Dirk Eberwein, looks like his kidnapping plan got foiled. The Tyrant shouldn’t mess with Seidoukan Academy in the first place!

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2 Responses to The Asterisk War Episode #20

  1. Karandi says:

    How did Dirk think it was going to end? I mean, he had to expect they were going to attempt a rescue andthat eventually they’d find her.
    There’s been a lot of attention on Ser-Versta but I don’t remember them ever explaining why it was so awesome other than it was hard to use.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    • benigmatica says:

      Ayato’s sister Haruka previously used Ser-Veresta and it’s a big mystery to why the Amagiri siblings are compatible with the Orge Lux. Heck, the Orge Lux’s existence is a big mystery itself and the likes of Dirk Eberwein are curious about it!

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