Hundred Episode #08

Let’s start this week’s episode with Claudia Loetty as she destroy a Savage…

…and let Emili- I mean Emile Crossford do the final blow. Um Claudia, that ain’t counted as a kill!

Meanwhile, the Hunters are there to find Savages and extract their core as usual, because their boss Vitaly Tynyanov said so!

Would it be bad if Vitaly decides to dispose those Hunters once they outlived their usefulness?

Meanwhile, here’s something you should get excited for: Claire Harvey stripping down and getting ready for some skinny-dipping in the river! Click that picture if you want a full view!

In any case, Claire tells Hayato about her sister Liza as it was revealed that her youngest sister was designed to be a Variant from the ground up by her mother Linis, who wanted to beat the gods using her creations like Liza Harvey.

Yeah, such a crazy but ambitious project that disregards ethics of any kind. Oh yeah, and did you know that Vitaly Tynyanov was actually Linis Harvey’s assistant, so it’s no wonder why Vitaly continues to make Variants!

Claire also continued about Liza’s backstory as she used a forbidden move that produces vast amount of energy, that her brother Judar used Liza as a power source to the academy ship Little Garden.

It was a cruel ending to Liza Harvey’s life, although there’s some hope should Hayato Kisaragi kisses Liza just like in Sleeping Beauty!

For now, let’s end this episode as both Claire and Hayato received a distress call.

But it seems that both of them got in a little accident…

See, nothing like Hayato Kisaragi grabbing Claire Harvey’s massive boobs again without retaliation. I have a feeling that Claire is secretly a masochist!

Well then, I’ll see you next week as the Slayers meet the Hunters for Round 2!

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